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More or Less: Penis Pumps

These penis pumps are more or less the same with the key difference being price. So whether you want to spend more or less, here are some comparable pumps!
Emily Zawadzki
September 29, 2022

These penis pumps are more or less the same with the key difference being price. So whether you want to spend more or less, here are some comparable penis pumps!

Trigger pump

These types of pumps feature a trigger (or something that you pull) to activate the pumping.

MORE: $82.99

Shots Toys Pumped Elite Penis Pump With Advanced PSI Gauge

This heavy-duty trigger pump by Shots Toys also comes with a PSI gauge for more control.

LESS: $34.99

Adam & Eve Starter Pump

The Adam & Eve Starter Pump is ready to take everything you've got! Just lube up your shaft, slide it in through the soft 2.7” wide silicone sleeve at the base – then use the manual pull handle and watch it grow!

Handball pump

A different style of manual pump, these ones require the use of a handball (rather than a trigger) that you squeeze to bring the air into the chamber.

MORE: $47.99

Pipedream Pump Worx Silicone Power Penis Pump

This Pumpworx pump upgrades your pumping experience with a silicone sleeve for added comfort and easier insertion while providing extra stimulation and a super-tight seal against your skin.

LESS: $29.99

Pipedream Pump Worx Euro Penis Pump

This other Pumpworx pump is very similar except the base sleeve is made of TPR.

Auto pump

Let your toy do all the work for you with an automatic (auto) pump! They instantly start pumping with the push of a button, giving your hands a break. Both of these pumps are fully rechargeable and offer multiple pump suction settings for you to choose from.

MORE: $159.99

Adam & Eve Adam's Rechargeable Penis Pump

This Adam & Eve pump features an easy-read digital display that lets you ramp up or decrease the pressure inside of the chamber instantly.

LESS: $94.99

Shots Toys Pumped Automatic Rechargeable Luv Penis Pump

Just missing the digital display, the Shots Toys pump has an easy-to-use 3 button interface; one button to turn it on/off, one button to control the pump settings, and one button that provides a quick-release of the suction.

Water pump

These pumps harness the use of water pressure rather than air pressure within the chamber. Bathmate is one of the only brands currently making water pumps and below is an example used with the 7-inch Hydro pump, however they do provide other size options as well.

The Hydro7 is designed to suit those with an erection length between 5 and 7 inches.

MORE: $394.99

Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Penis Pump Kit

The main difference between HydroXtreme7 kit and Bathmate's other penis pump options is the attached handball unit. Once you’ve filled up the pump with water and attached it to your body, you don’t have to pump to remove water - just squeeze the handball. You’ll be able to reach maximum pressure quickly, delivering unmatched results.

As a kit, it also includes a Carry Case & Lock, Measuring Gauge, Cleaning Kit, Toy Cleaner, Shower Strap, and the Hose & Bulb Attachments.

LESS: $144.99

Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump Clear

The Hydro7 pump features a ruler design along the side of the clear chamber so that you can track your progress each time you use it!

For bigger penises

These pumps boast bigger cylinders - in both length and diameter/girth - so that it’s a more comfortable fit for bigger penises as well as providing extra room for growth while in use!

MORE: $82.99

Cal Exotics Colt Big Man Pump System

The Colt big man pump is a manual style with a trigger pump and features an extra large cylinder that is 11.5” in length and 4” in width!

LESS: $55.99

Shots Toys Pumped Classic XL Extender Penis Pump

This Shots Toys pump with a handball design is also extra large in size with a cylinder that is 12” in length and 2.75” in width.