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Nipple Clamps We Love!

If you’re in search of some new nipple clamps, here are the ones we happen to be loving lately!
Emily Zawadzki
March 6, 2024

Clamps are designed to pinch down onto the nipple and apply pressure until they are released. Many folks find this pressure alone to be stimulating, however they can make the nipple more sensitive once they are released as well!

The Weighted One*

Master Series Onus Nipple Clip with Magnet Weights

When placed just so, this singular* Onus clamp is designed to add graduated pressure from a light pressure or an intense pinch.

It features a rubber tipped clamp with a twist-up adjuster and 6 removable 1 oz. magnet weights. Explore the sensations with the customizable weight of the magnets alongside the graduated pressure!

For Your SweetHEART 😍

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps Red

Unlock the heart of the pinch with these beautiful red heart padlock nipple clamps! The vinyl coated tips allow for a comfortable and secure grip while the red lacquered heart accent dangles enticingly from the end. The screws on the sides allow you to control just how much pressure the nipple receives.

The Pearly Ones

Sex & Mischief Pearl Nipple Ties White

Part clamp & part jewelry - with the pearls suspended by clear ties, they appear to effortlessly float on the body, creating a mesmerizing and ethereal effect!

The ties are adjustable by the bead slider and sit tightly around the nipple to adorn your body like precious jewels with a touch of luxury.

For a Painful Pinch

NS Novelties Bound Iron Nipple Clamps Rose Gold

For those who like to play a little harder - these all-metal (nickel-free btw) and weighted clamps with rounded tips don’t have ANY adjustability; so it’s all pinch for some prolonged pain play!

For the Softie

NS Novelties Bound Feather Nipple Clamps Rose Gold/Black

On the other side of play things, these adjustable clamps with comfortable rubber tips come with a flirty dangling fluff that provides a sensual touch with each move as it dusts across the skin!

The Vibrating Ones

Colt Grips Vibrating Nipple Clamps Black

Add some stimulating vibration with the waterproof Colt adjustable clamps that are soft & smooth to the touch. At the base of each clamp, you'll find the touch push button that starts up the single-speed vibration.

The Magnetic Ones

Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps

This mighty magnetic pair of spring-loaded clamps applies just the right amount of pressure for an enjoyable sensation. Made from stainless steel, simply pull the bar on each side to open them up and then place the nipple between them for some locked & loaded, long-lasting stimulation!

BONUS: A clamp for the clit!

Fetish Fantasy Nipple & Clit Jewelry

Make your nipples AND clit perk with pleasure with this beginners-friendly nipple & clit jewelry by Fetish Fantasy.

Simply wrap the comfortable nylon braid around each nipple and the amount of pressure applied is adjustable using the sliding knot. As for the clitoral piece, a sturdy metal teardrop shape surrounds the clitoris; once the clamp is pulled gently apart, place over desired areas for thrilling pressure while pretty beads dangle, touch, and tickle!


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