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FAQ'S #13: Penis Strokers

If you have questions about penis strokers - we have the answers!
Emily Zawadzki
March 1, 2024

A stroker is simply a sex toy designed to stimulate the penis either by stroking it or letting you penetrate into it. There is a wide variety of strokers on the market ranging in size and design. Many (but not all!) are realistic, and feature different orifices & skin tones to represent the diverse preferences of our community!

#1. What is the difference between “Fleshlight”, “masturbators”, and “strokers”?

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady

You may hear or see these words being used interchangeably, but they are basically all referring to the same thing! "Masturbators" and "strokers" are synonyms for the type of toy, whereas "Fleshlight" is a (very popular!) brand of strokers; it is not actually the name of the type of toy.

What makes the Fleshlight brand so unique and easy to spot is their plastic outer case that has an adjustable suction feature and helps to keep things discreet!

#2. Do any move or do the stroking for you?

Of course - and you have a few different options!😉

PDX Elite Deluxe Mega-Bator Masturbator

You can make your stroker more of a hands-free experience with ones that have a suction-cup base; either built into the design of the toy or sold as a separate attachment.

Zero Tolerance Ana Foxxx Realistic Side Vagina & Ass Stroker

Bigger masturbators can also be placed on top of a table or countertop so that you don’t have to hold it up to use it…but you can still grip it good!

Kiiroo Keon Automatic Masturbator & Feel Stroker Set

Lastly, the latest in sex tech can provide strokers that use specialized motors to stroke you - some even while flaccid! The Kiiroo Keon for example (pictured above) offers up to 230 strokes per minute and gives you full control of the speed and length of the stroke.

#3. What is the biggest masturbator?

Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Bianca Life Size Realistic Sex Doll

That would probably be a full size sex doll! Yes, their main purpose is still to stroke & thrust into, but with the bonus of the rest of the body to play with too!

#4. What is the smallest masturbator?

Tenga Egg Tornado Textured Egg Stroker

On the flip side, eggs are some of the smallest strokers - simply a piece of textured material that provides stimulating sensations when used manually.

Pro Tip: They also make a great helping hand for any handjobs!

#5. Are they all realistic and made to look like real body parts?


PDX Elite Fap-O-Matic Sucking & Vibrating Masturbator

We do have a wide variety of orifices & body parts; mouths, vaginas, butts, even feet!

However, if that’s not your thing, or you like to get more creative with your play, there are also universal options that are just a basic hole.


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