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Packers We Love! 🌈

If you’re ready to get packin’ with a new packer, here are some of our favourites!

Packers are a faux, limp penis that one can wear to create the look of a “penis bulge” as well as the look and feel of having one! If you wanted to learn a little more about them as well as get some tips for shopping for one, check out our shopping guide here!

If you’re ready to get packin’ with a new packer, here are some of our favourites!

1. Fleshlight Mr. Limpy

From the popular brand Fleshlight comes the Mr. Limpy packer; a super realistic, natural state of the penis that is made from the same amazingly lifelike & patented SuperSkin material. The soft, position-receptive piece was created to perfectly fill out a pair of briefs, boxers or otherwise.

The Mr. Limpy lineup provides you with the widest variety of skin tones AND sizes that we currently carry here at Stag Shop! The flexibility, the flat base that sits comfortably against the body, and the full appearance under clothing make it a desirable packing piece.

Super-realistic with a lifelike head and testicles, the floppy packing dildo adds realism to your play by perfectly representing a flaccid penis. If you crave a realistic bulge, this small packing dildo is perfect for you.

2. Packer Gear STP Packer

If you were looking for a little more function from your packer, try this silicone STP (stand to pee) one from Packer Gear! Designed to be the ultimate in function and comfort, this realistic packer boasts a hollow shaft with a full-size opening and flexible material, allowing an FTM person to pee standing up.

3. Tantus On-The-Go

Tantus has the perfect packer for all of your on-the-go needs…in different skin tones and some fun colours too! Featuring an average flaccid length of 3 inches with realistic detailing and flexible material, this packer is designed to give you that “casual bulge” comfortably.

Made with Tantus' hyper-realistic and super-soft, 100% Premium Silicone, the On-the-Go Packer is ideal for those seeking a quality packer with a natural feel and look. The shaft and testicles are velvety smooth to the touch, while the back has more grip so it stays put during extended wear.

4. Packer Gear 5-inch Packer

If you wanted to pack with something a little larger, this Packer Gear one boasts over 5 inches of flexible TPR material with realistic skin folds and a textured scrotum. Available in two different skin tones, it also has a uniquely designed base that securely fits into an o-ring of a strap-on or packer harness.

Speaking of which…it provides a comfortable and secure fit inside your favourite easy-to-wear Packer Gear harness, and is the perfect package (pun intended) for anyone looking to show off their natural feeling “goods”.

5. Perfect Fit Fun Boy

More than just a soft & pliable packer, the Perfect Fit Fun Boy is a multipurpose tool that’s also a hollow strap-on and a penis extender; providing you with even more play options! The Fun Boy comes in sleek black and is made from the brand’s patented silicone/TPR material Silaskin.™

Thicker than your average packer, it is designed to accommodate up to 4.5”, and has an internal width of 0.75” that can easily stretch around you. There is even an included jockstrap-style elastic waistband (fitting hips 30”- 52”) that is easy to hook up, transforming the Fun Boy into a strap-on!


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