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Places To Store Your Sex Toys

Not sure where to keep your ever-growing collection of toys? Here are some of our ideas - both bold and discreet - of places to store your sex toys!
March 23, 2021

Toy storage is an important thing to consider as it can help to keep you and your toys happy! While we’ve already discussed the how’s and why’s of toy storage in relation to health & wellness, instead, here are some of our ideas - both bold and discreet - of places to store your sex toys!

1. Underwear drawer

This provides a discreet option as likely no one else is going in there but you! You can even use your underwear to wrap them up/cover the toys for more privacy. The fun part about this spot is that you get to be reminded of what toys you have each day when you get dressed!

2. In your nightstand

For many folks, their nightstand is close to the bed, which can be super convenient if the bed/bedroom is primarily where you play. Depending on your collection you could set up a charging station on top of or within the nightstand to keep any rechargeable toys charged and ready-to-go!

3. At the sink after you've cleaned them

If you’re feeling a bit bolder, you can leave your toys out and around the sink after you’ve cleaned them. Especially if you live alone, with a close friend, or with a partner, it might be less of an issue to do so.

This option also provides you with a visual sense of what has been cleaned and really ready-to-go. It can be helpful to have some sort of system to keep track of which ones are clean and which ones still need to be cleaned (like an in & out system). Keeping them around the sink can be a good choice if you don’t have too many toys - otherwise, they might end up taking up all your counter space!

4. On display!

Especially for those who have a large collection of toys that they are proud of (guilty!), try displaying them. Whether that’s in an office space, in your bedroom, or on a shelf somewhere, they typically make for some interesting and funny conversation starters!

Consider glass cabinets to show off what you want in a beautiful and artistic way. Speaking of art, many glass toys, metal toys, and other just plain pretty toys often resemble works of art as much as they function as a pleasure tool!

5. Under the bed

You can store your sex toys under the bed to keep them completely hidden away. Just be sure to place them in bags, boxes or some other type of protection from all the dust bunnies hanging out under there too!

If you have any pets, it’s also important to make sure they can’t get to them under there either! Consider items like Tupperware, clothing boxes, toy storage products etc.

6. In a locked box

Stag Shop Large Lockable Toy Chest Black

Ensure that only you and your playmates will ever see your sex toys by keeping them locked away in a box! Whether you want to keep your entire collection under wraps or just hide away some of your kinkier play items, no one has to know what you keep inside.

A lockable box also provides an ideal option for travel, with less chance of anything accidentally falling out or people accidentally stumbling across them!

7. A designated closet/storage bench

If you need a lot more space for all of the fun things in your toy collection, consider upgrading to a closet or a storage bench. Choose which room you want your designated sex toy stash to stay in based on what works best for your lifestyle - the bedroom? Home office? Downstairs? Hallway?

Both a closet and a bench are optimal options if you have a lot of toys and/or want to keep everything together and organized in one spot.

8. A sex room!

Ouch by Shots Toys Deluxe Door Swing Black

For you kinkier folks who are always ready to play - consider setting up a dungeon or more of a “sex station” in a room or part of a room! This allows you to leave everything laid out and displayed exactly as you want and for bigger items or things that have more of a set-up/take-down style, you can leave it all up and ready-to-go without killing the mood.

If you wanted to add some privacy to the room, consider getting a lock to keep all of the fun...behind closed doors.


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