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Products For Mutual Masturbation

While it’s typically considered a solo activity, mutual masturbation counts too. Take it to the next level with some of these products you can easily incorporate into your play!

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Take it to the next level with some of these products you can easily incorporate into your play!

Double-Ended Dildos & Vibrators

Electric Eel Together Double-Ended Vibrating Dildo Pink

Double-ended dildos/vibrators are toys that were meant to be shared between two people. Although a popular toy for two vulva-havers to share, double-ended toys can be used by anyone. How you choose to use them though is the fun part!

They allow you to each take control of your own pleasure as you can use your end the way that you want to. They can also provide a more intimate experience, bringing your bodies physically closer together. It may take some moving and grooving to find a position that works best for the both of you, but once you find the rhythm - ride on!

Collar & Leash

Adam & Eve Eve's Fetish Dreams Collar & Leash Black

Incorporate some Dominant/submissive play into your mutual masturbation too with a collar & leash! They provide a visual treat but can also be functional as you tug on it during play, lead them into another room to continue the fun, etc.

Arousal Liquids

Sensuva Crazy Sexy Cool Icebergs & Orgasms Cooling Arousal Kit

Arousal liquids provide just that little bit of extra sensation that can make any sort of stimulation feel even stronger! Many work by increasing the blood flow to the erogenous zone you choose to put it on (clitoris, the penis, nipples, etc.), making it even more sensitive & aroused.

Remote Control Toys

Cal Exotics Silicone Remote Adventure Vibrating Set

Any type of toy that offers a remote control instantly becomes a partnered one as soon as you hand off the control to someone else! They can be found in a wide variety of toy styles including vibrators, anal toys, cock rings, and more.

They still allow you to offer up a helping hand while you do you...but from a distance! Most physical remote controls have a working range of so many feet (depending on the brand), however, ones controlled through an app can be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Finger Vibes

Evolved Fingerific Finger Vibrator Purple

For most folks, hands are generally kept to yourself while mutually masturbating...but not always!

Whether to use on your own body or your partner’s, a finger vibe can provide pinpointed stimulation wherever it’s used. Try running it along the nipples, inner thighs, on the genitals, and more!

Blindfold or Mouth Gag Restraint

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask Black & NS Novelties Sinful Ball Gag Black

If a collar & leash isn’t your thing, what about a blindfold or a gag restraint!? They both provide a visual treat for the non-wearer and can add a fantasy element to the play.

Wearing a blindfold can heighten the other senses too, such as any erotic audio coming from the sound of your partner pleasuring themselves!


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