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Self-Love Series: 5 Toys For On-The-Go Fun

As we end our Self-Love Series for Masturbation Month 2020, here are 5 unique sex toys that you can take with you anywhere for discreet solo pleasure on-the-go!

Sneaky Solo Sessions

peeking behind a door gif

I’m sure we’ve all been there - you’re out somewhere by yourself and all of a sudden the mood strikes! Whether it be at work, in the cafe, at the movies, or even driving in your car - no one blames you for wanting to take a few moments to “yourself”!

Even when you’re not in the comfort of your own home to do so, as long as you can still sneak away for some privacy (because it’s not cool to spring that visual on an unsuspecting someone), we say go for it!

On-The-Go Toys

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If you’re on the hunt for that perfect on-the-go companion, these toys are smaller in size, don't make too much noise, and are easily portable whether it be in a pocket, handbag, suitcase, etc.

So the next time you're feelin’ a little frisky when you’re out & about, be sure you have one of these 5 toys with you to lend a helping hand!

1. Crave Vesper Vibrating Necklace

Crave Vesper Bullet Vibrator Necklace Silver

Also available in Rose Gold, this little vibrating beauty adds a touch of fashion to your pleasure! Worn as an elegant necklace, a simple push of a button turns on the vibration in the slim pendant with a focused tip for sensation where you want it most.

2. Fleshlight Quickshot Stroker

Fleshlight QuickShot Vantage

This neutral and open-ended stroker by infamous brand Fleshlight is a petite-sized stroker that targets desired areas of the shaft and tip with its ultra textured interior. With a cap that secures to each end, it ensures no bacteria gets onto the toy during transport and/or storage!

Alternatively, if you enjoy a more realistic stroke, look for a smaller, handheld pocket pussy that is still small enough in size to be portable and kept hidden.

3. "Lipstick" Vibes

Blush Novelties Rose Lipstick Vibe

If you’re someone who likes to keep a vibrator in your purse or makeup bag - you know, just in case! - then maybe try a Lipstick vibe! Exactly what they sound like, these petite vibrators are designed in the shape of a lipstick tube to deliver pleasure wherever!

Shop all Lipstick Vibes here!

4. Vibrating Panties

Cal Exotics Lock-N-Play Remote Panty Teaser

Vibrating panties are meant to be worn underneath your clothes and many often come with a wireless remote control that makes it easier and more discreet to control. Even some of the remote controls themselves are discreet featuring designs in the form of rings or even an app on your phone!

There are two main types of vibrating panties; bullet vibrators that can be slipped into a pocket in the panties, and others that replicate more of a panty liner and sit inside of the panties.

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5. Cock Rings

We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Cock Ring Blue

Slip one of these on before you slip away and instantly feel a firmer, more sensitive erection as it constricts the blood flow to the penis temporarily. Perfect for a solo quickie, cock rings should only be worn for around 30 minutes or so for safety. The material will determine how stretchy a cock ring is, and some vibrate for even more stimulating pleasure!

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