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Urethral Play For Beginners

Urethral play involves inserting things into the urethra for sexual stimulation and pleasure. Also known as sounding, it is best done safely and with the proper tools.

What's That Sound!?

Sounding (also known as urethral play or cock-stuffing) involves inserting things into the penis, more specifically through the urethra, for sexual stimulation and pleasure. Sounding & urethral play comes with its own set of instructions and safety considerations as the urethra is a very sensitive part of the body and damage to it could cause more serious problems within the penis, bladder, etc.

For some, the pleasure can be derived from the pain of it, while for others, the dilation effect that takes place within the urethra is simply pleasurable. The tissue in the urethra is embryologically the same as the labia minora in vulvas, making it full of sensitive nerve endings. Going deeper, towards the bladder, the urethra actually runs through the prostate! Sounding may be used for masturbation, sex, role-playing, medical play, etc.

Before you go and try to stick something into your urethra, it's important to know how to do it properly!

Safe & Sound

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You should use tools (sounds or plugs) made of a material that is non-porous and can easily be sterilized before and after insertion, such as metal or a high-quality silicone. You do NOT want to transfer any bacteria either to or from the urethra.

Secondly, if lube hasn't crossed your mind yet, it should! Lubricant will help the toy slide in easier and help to ease some of the discomfort such as chafing. It will also help to create a barrier between the toy and the skin, as the main risk with sounding is tearing or cutting of the skin within the urethra, causing infection.


There are two main types of toys for urethral play; sounding rods and penis plugs.

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Penis plugs, similar to butt plugs, are designed to be inserted and left in during masturbation and/or sex. Some are solid and some are hollow to allow urine, ejaculate, and other fluids to pass through. They are usually shorter than rods and sometimes have ridges on the shaft to help keep it in place. Penis plugs can result in harder erections and more intense orgasms, and some folks use a plug to imitate a Prince Albert piercing without having to actually get one.

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Sounding Rods are longer than penis plugs as they are meant to stimulate the full urethra; some can even reach the bladder! They are smooth and usually come in sets of varying, gradual sizes - but not always. Unlike penis plugs, sounding rods are meant to be moved within the urethra for stimulation, such as by moving it up and down, or rotating it.

Some sounding rods are straight, while others feature curves or different shapes, and some have bulbs on the end. Some also offer vibration for even more pleasure possibilities!


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