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Self-Love Series: Best Masturbation Toys For Him

If you’ve got a penis and are looking for some new toys to play with this Masturbation Month, consider these.
Emily Zawadzki
May 15, 2020

"Men's Toys"


Toys that are typically marketed as “men’s toys” really are just referring to toys that were designed to stimulate the erogenous zones of the male body like the penis and the prostate. However, we recognize that not everyone who has these parts identifies as a male and vice versa.

Best Masturbation Toys


Fleshlight GO Jolt Butt

Strokers are one of the most popular toys for people with penises to use during masturbation - although they can be used by a partner too! Meant to replace your hand for stroking motions, strokers can look realistic in design with different orifices such as mouths, vaginas, or butts. However, they can also look super basic and discreet (more like a tube).

Some strokers, like Fleshlights come with a harder case that can enhance the experience by; adding a suction effect to make it feel tighter and/or being attached to a mount for hands-free play.

To represent our diverse population, strokers can be found in a variety of skin tones, orifices, and genders so that regardless of your preferences, you have something to stroke with! There are even some designed for transmen who have had HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

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Pocket Pussies:

Doc Johnson Girls Of Social Media @brittanya187 Pocket Pussy

Technically a type of stroker, pocket pussies are a smaller, more handheld version of one which can also be a more budget-friendly option for stroking beginners! They also usually feature realistic designs, some even molded after top performers such as Sasha Grey, Riley Reid, Mia Khalifa, and more!

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Bigger Masturbators:

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator

A bit more than your average stroker, these types of masturbators are often bigger in size, giving you more to play with! Some feature specific body parts like asses, feet, or boobs whereas others are the entire body - some even lifesize!

Prostate Massagers:

Adam & Eve Adam's Vibrating Triple Prostate Probe

If you haven’t already tapped into the amazing world of prostate pleasure, Masturbation Month is the perfect time to do so! By exploring on your own first, you can get used to both anal and prostate sensations before adding someone else into the mix.

Prostate orgasms have been known to be a more unique and intense experience compared to an ejaculation orgasm. Enjoy a prostate massager on its own, or try combining it with your normal penis stroking routine for intense dual stimulation! Some massagers even feature a perineum stimulator for even more stimulating pleasure.

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Cock Rings:

Cal Exotics Link Up Edge Cock Ring

Cock rings temporarily constrict the blood flow to the penis, so wearing one while you masturbate can result in a more intense feeling erection and ejaculation. If you plan on trying one with a partner in the future, (similar to prostate play) try exploring on your own first to get used to the feeling.

For even more stimulation, look for a vibrating cock ring - you don’t even have to turn it on - until you want to! If you’re feeling adventurous, look for a cock ring/prostate massager combo for the ultimate experience.

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