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Self-Love Series: Masturbation Essentials

Another May has cum, have you!? This is your month to de-stress, catch up on some zzz’s, and get to know yourself just a little bit better - one solo orgasm at a time!
Emily Zawadzki
May 8, 2020

Whether you have a penis or a vulva, and regardless of how you enjoy your “you” time; here’s a list of universal Masturbation Essentials that are sure to help you get the job done...and have the most fun while doing it!

1. Your Favourite Toy

For Vulvas:

Satisfyer Pro 2 Rose Gold

Clitoral Vibrator or Suction Toy - *beginner* - The bullet vibrator; it's a classic for a reason. When your hands get tired, the powerful vibrations take over where you left off! Suction toys are newer and provide a unique sensation on the clit using airwave pressure technology!

Dildo or Rabbit Toy - *intermediate* - Take your exploration internal with a dildo or dual stimulating (inside & outside) toy like a rabbit vibrator.

Anal Toys - *advanced* - Whether stimulated simultaneously with something else or just enjoyed on its own, anal can provide a different masturbation experience. Anal beads are fun for those who want to explore the nerves around the opening more, whereas a butt plug can be kept in and felt deeper inside against the anal walls.

For Penises:

We-Vibe Pivot Cock Ring Blue

Masturbator - *beginner* - Masturbators (also called strokers or pocket pussies) can come in all sorts of colours, sizes, and body parts so you're almost guaranteed to find one that'll do it for you. Plus, they are a perfect way to switch things up when you get bored of your own hand! Simply stroke using the toy as you would on your own.

Cock Ring - *intermediate* - Either used alone or paired with a masturbator, a cock ring will make your erection feel harder and more intense!

Prostate Toy - *advanced* - Either used alone or paired with any of the toys from above, tap into the amazing pleasure point that is your prostate! Simply leave the toy inside while masturbating - you'll be surprised how different your orgasms can be!

2. Lubricant

Stag Shop Aqua Water-Based Lube Varying Sizes

No matter what junk you got going on or what toy(s) you like to use...wetter is better!

Not only can lube make things more comfortable but it actually helps you to feel MORE! (Read more about what lube can do for you here)

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3. Privacy

closed private door

Lock the door, turn off the lights, get under the covers...but only if you want to! Self-love time is YOUR time to explore your body, sexuality, what feels good, what doesn’t, etc.

And whether you want to do that in the dark, light, kitchen, shower,’s all good fun! Just remember to be respectful of others around you or who live with you.

4. Visual Stimulation

Wicked Pictures Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Female Masturbation

Pornography - in its many forms - is a very popular masturbation tool for many people, of all genders and sexual identities.

But because different types of porn are so easy to access, we often forget about the most personal and intimate kind of visual aid - your own imagination! Ever heard of the term “spank bank”? Well, it’s used to describe where you keep your memories of what really turned you on that you can use to think about later when masturbating. That hot girl from Game of Thrones? Spank bank. That porn scene that made you cum in under 2 minutes? Spank bank. That magic mike strip club you went to? Put it in the spank bank! Get the idea? ;)

5. Audio Stimulation

bob's burgers jimmy jr. touching self and dancing with headphones gif

If you’re not really into the visual stimulation, what about sound?

Put on some of your favourite playlists or songs that turn you on like no other, or songs that just really make you feel-yo-self. If you’re not sure where to start looking, check out our previous blog post with some sexy self-love playlists!

6. Toy Cleaner & Tissues

Stag Shop Foaming Toy Cleaner

Okay let’s be real, sex and even solo play like masturbation can be messy - and there’s no shame in that! BUT it is important to clean up after yourself and any mess you made whether it be your body, bedding, toys, etc. 

Lube can also tend to make things a little messier, so it may even be a good idea to dedicate a towel or a sex blanket just for your self-love (or all sexy) time!

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7. Optional - A Friend!

We-Vibe Chorus App-Controlled Vibrator Pink

Because whether done in person or virtually, mutual masturbation counts too!

DID YOU KNOW!? That mutual masturbation is one of the lowest risk sex acts to engage in with a partner? That’s right! There’s virtually no risk involved as hands and genitals are generally kept to yourself.

Mutual masturbation is a great way to play because just like solo masturbation, it gives you the control over your own pleasure, but is still an intimate act with a partner and not to mention, incredibly visually appealing & stimulating for both of you!