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Sex Toy Cleaners We Love!

Toy cleaners are designed to effectively rid your toy of bacteria while preserving its life; here are a few of our favourites!
Emily Zawadzki
September 22, 2022

We cannot emphasize this enough; please wash your sex toys before and after every use! The porosity of your toy’s material determines how well it clings onto bacteria, and some (like jelly toys) can require a more thorough cleaning.

In a pinch and every once in a while, using soap and water is okay for most toys, but making it your go-to method of cleaning could ruin the material over time. Toy cleaners are designed to effectively rid your toy of bacteria while still preserving its life!

Wicked Sensual Care Foam n Fresh

This cleaner by Wicked Sensual Care is not only fragrance-free and alcohol-free, but it’s also foaming for some added fun to the process!

Swiss Navy Cleaner Wipes

Providing a water-free method (ideal for leather items like strap-on harnesses & impact toys), try a wipe instead! They are portable and convenient, making them easy for travelling or any adult sleepovers.😉

This pack of 25 wipes from Swiss Navy also features anti-bacterial tea tree oil and soothing lavender.

Intimate Earth Green Foaming Cleaner

This all-natural toy cleaner is infused with tea tree oil, lavender oil and the Intimate Earth trademarked & natural anti-bacterial ingredient, Guava Bark.

Stag Shop Misting Toy Cleaner

Our very own misting toy cleaner is unscented and available in 2 different sizes - 2oz and 8oz. Featuring a misting design, some folks find the spray easier to use.

Fleshlight Toy Powder

Fleshlight’s unscented toy powder absorbs moisture, ideal for strokers and other toys commonly made of TPE/TPR. This includes the various brand patented “skin-like” materials such as Cyberskin or Fleshlight’s Superskin.