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Why Dental Dams are so DAMN Great!

A lesser-known sexual health tool, here’s why dental dams are so DAMN great!
Emily Zawadzki
September 13, 2022

Pamco Dental Dam 5pk Assorted Flavours

Dental dams are a barrier used to protect bacteria and fluids passing from one body to another. They consist of a flat and thin piece of material - often latex - typically used to perform oral sex on a vulva or anus, however there are non-latex versions too if you have allergies. Many come flavoured since their main purpose is for oral sex, but not always!

People choose to use dental dams obviously for sexual health purposes as contraception against pregnancy and STI transmission but for a variety of other reasons too such as:

  • If the receiving partner is menstruating
  • If the giving partner has facial hair that is uncomfortable for the receiver (and vice versa with
    pubic hair!)
  • If someone has a cut or open wound either on the genitals or on/in the mouth

cartoon man holding a stretched out dam

To use one, simply hold it in place over the intended area and get to lickin’!

Pro Tip: Since it can kind of be annoying to have to hold the dam in place while playing (occupying your hands too), instead try using a pair of crotchless underwear or in some cases, a strap-on harness to help hold it in place in a more hands-free fashion!

External condoms are a lot easier to come by than dental dams but don't let that stop you from practicing safer sex, all you need is a pair of scissors!✂️

Check out our Instagram video where we show you step-by-step how to make a dental dam from a condom!