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Shopping Online vs In-Store

Hmmm, where to shop...on our website or in one of our 32 store locations!?
Emily Zawadzki
August 5, 2021

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Try Shopping Online If...

  • You like to read reviews from other people who have actually purchased/used the item.

  • You have a general idea of what type of toy you are looking for.

  • You like to quickly compare the features of different toys at’s super easy to click between pages!

  • You already have a go-to brand (or multiple brands) you trust and like to shop from.

  • You’re restocking on any favourite items!

  • You prefer to shop more discreetly...nothing says privacy like shopping from the comfort of your own home and having it delivered just like a normal package!

  • You like to have all of the information about a toy displayed neatly in front of you. (Sometimes reading the small print of all of the different toy packaging can get a little...tedious. Instead, on our website, all of the toy’s important information - like measurements, features, and more - are displayed on each product page!)

Try Shopping In-Store If…

  • You prefer to feel the softness/hardness of the material beforehand...especially ones that can provide more weight to it, such as glass & metal toys.

  • You are a visual person who needs to see what 10 inches is to really understand what 10 inches is(!!!)

  • You don’t really know what you’re looking for and would prefer some guidance from an associate in real-time. (Pssst...we do also have an online chat, however, it’s a different experience to talk to someone in person vs through text.)

  • If you’re shopping for a new’s just better to experience the feel, scents, and flavours in person. If it’s new, it can also be helpful to see/feel how it reacts on your skin before buying it.

  • You need to feel the strength of the motor from a vibrating not all vibrators are the same!

  • You want to take something home that day...Unfortunately, shipping is still a thing, and even with fast times - nothing beats taking it right home to play!