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Beginner Anal Toys

It’s one of the juiciest months of the year...that’s right we’re talking about Anal August!
August 3, 2021

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Are you a backdoor beginner? Not sure where to start!? Don’t you worry your booty-ful behind, because Stag Shop is here with some basic and beginner anal toys for your tushie.

We all may define “beginner” differently, however around here it typically means toys that are smaller in size, offer fewer features, and therefore can also be cheaper in price.

Butt remember...

Wicked Sensual Care Simply Aqua Jelle Water-Based Anal Lube 4oz

Since the anus doesn’t provide any natural lubrication, it’s even more important for any anal play. Lube up around the butthole and be extra generous when putting it on a toy!

Any and all anal toys should always have a flared base that is wider than the toy itself to act as a safety stopper against the anal muscles’ natural movements...that can accidentally suck things inside.

If you have any concerns about anal prep, check out our previous blog post!

Anal Beads

Adam & Eve Silicone Butt Beads Black

Anal beads generally consist of several graduated-sized beads attached by a long strand, with the smallest bead usually being quite small. However, you don’t have to insert them all; simply stop where you’re comfortable and/or work your way up if you want!

They can be easier to manipulate during solo play as well and can help you to get used to anal sensations on your own before exploring with a partner.

Butt Plug Trainer Kits

ONYXXX Tushe Silicone Anal Trainer Kit Black

An anal trainer kit often consists of a set of anal toys with graduating sizes that allow you to start smaller and work your way up. This “trains” the anal muscles to be able to accommodate bigger things over time, like a dildo or a penis. Many come as a set with 3-4 butt plugs or probes and they can provide a more budget-friendly option to purchasing more than one anal toy at a time.

Basic Prostate Massagers

Icon Brands PZone+ Prostate Massager Black

Using a more basic prostate massager that just massages the prostate can help to get you used to the unique sensations before adding any other bells and whistles such as vibration, stronger perineum stimulators, and more.

The classic prostate toy design is similar to that of a butt plug but features an angled tip and has more to its base than most plugs do. They are designed to work with the anal muscles, rocking back and forth naturally against the prostate in a hands-free fashion.


Once you feel like you’ve outgrown these and are ready for more of a challenge, check out our advanced anal toys!


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