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Stuck Inside Series: Remote Control Fun!

If you happen to be isolating with a partner, why not pass the time with some remote control toy fun!
Emily Zawadzki
April 24, 2020

There’s no denying that much of the world has been confined to their homes lately amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. While we may be facing unpredictable and unknown times, Stag Shop is here to help keep your sex life thriving.

From now throughout the month of April, we will be bringing you TWO new blog posts each week featuring some fun and sexy ideas meant to satisfy while stuck inside!

Remote Control Toys

Evolved Blue Dream Vibrator & Remote

Remote control toys can be a fun way to play with a partner as a remote automatically makes any toy a “couples” one as soon as you pass it off to another. Seen in vibrators, butt plugs, dildos and more, a remote can be used either solo or by a partner to control the toy’s vibration, speed, etc.

Doc Johnson White Nights Bullet & Remote Control

Some remotes come attached to the toy by wire, however, many also come wireless. Most remotes are considered close-range as they typically only operate within a certain amount of distance. This is usually advertised, however things like walls, being seated, if the toy is inserted into the body, etc. can all interfere with the connection.

If you were hoping for a more long-distance connection to play with, check out our previous blog post here!

Let's Play A Game!

white woman wrestler let's play a game gif

Once you have your remote control toy ready to go, try one of these 5 fun game ideas!

1. Hide & Seek

Similar to the childhood game, one person takes/wears the toy and goes and hides somewhere while the other counts. The “seeker” then turns the toy on and begins to control it until either they hear the toy itself or their partners’ moans of pleasure!

You can play this game at home, in your yard, or even outside somewhere (with enough discretion and social distancing).

2. Shhh...It's A Secret

*Given the current quarantine state, this one is hard to do at the moment, but keep it in mind for the future!*

The point of this game is to secretly use the toy while you are out somewhere that is bustling with others such as at a restaurant, house party, club, etc. and keep it a secret! In addition to the thrill of potentially getting caught, it takes on a whole new competitive level when that also means you lose the game!

3. Role Play

Let your imagination run wild with this one and have fun! You could be a sex worker (like a cam girl maybe?) who gives your “customer” the remote control, or even pretend you’re in a long-distance relationship from another room. Dress up, get into the scene, and use this as an excuse to act out some of your hottest fantasies!

4. Musical "Vibes"

A sexy twist on a childhood classic, throw on some of your favourite sexy music and fire up your toy. This time, keep the remote and start dancing together (or perform a strip tease!). The person without the toy/remote is in charge of the music and when they pause it, the other person also has to pause their toy. If they don’t, decide beforehand on a sexy and suitable punishment, perhaps a spanking?

5. Power Exchange

Lastly, you can always incorporate a remote control toy into any Dominant/submissive play where power exchange is a central component such as edging, orgasm control, bondage, etc.


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