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A Guide To Flavoured Lubricants - Menu Included!

Try switching up your menu with these fun & flavourful mix & match ideas.
April 29, 2020

If you’ve ever tried a flavoured lubricant before, then you know just how delicious they can be - both on and off the body! Try switching up your menu with these fun & flavourful mix & match ideas.

In addition to making oral sex an even yummier treat (for both of you), flavoured lubricants are still at their most basic form, a lube. It still provides that wet glide and heightened sensation, and will do so smelling & tasting great. If you haven’t heard of all the great benefits of lube before - check that out here!

Add Some Flavour

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As previously mentioned, the primary use for flavoured lubricant is for oral sex. Since they are water-based, they are completely safe to ingest orally. Lathered over the vulva, penis,or anus, it provides a yummy taste for the giver, while still pleasuring and adding more sensation for the receiver. If you find one you really enjoy the taste of, flavoured lubes can also help to extend oral sex sessions - it’ll taste so good, you won’t want to stop licking it up!

Flavoured lubes also give you another way to play with your senses. Since we don’t recommend using food on or in the genitals EVER (so much potential for infection!), a flavoured lube can allow you to still enjoy the scent and/or flavour of some of your favourite sexy treats (yes, even strawberries!) without having to go into the kitchen.

That being said, many flavoured lubes don’t work well as an internal (vaginal and/or anal) lube as they will evaporate off of the skin quicker, producing more of a sticky feeling. One thing to watch for in flavoured lubricants is what (and how much) the brands are using to sweeten/flavor the lube. Glycerin or sugar can be bad for the vagina (also seen as glucose, sucrose, etc.), messing up the natural pH balance and even causing yeast infections. Stevia is actually now an industry standard that many quality brands are using to sweeten their flavoured lubes.

Mix Up Your Menu!

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As with all pleasure products, it is still a personal preference in terms of what tastes good or not; what may be an amazing brand or flavour to you may not be for another - maybe even your partner! You’ll also most likely find that some will taste incredibly realistic, whereas others will taste more synthetic - go with what is the yummiest to you!

In terms of flavours, industry-wide they can mostly be categorized into 3 kinds; fruity, dessert, or candy flavoured. Each brand typically has their own line of flavours and you’ll probably find System Jo’s Strawberry lube tastes different than Wet’s Strawberry lube.

Not sure what flavours you like or what to start with? Try a variety sampler pack - like Wicked Sensual’s Teasers - to explore some options and/or try a new flavour each night! When you find one you really like, you can buy it in a bigger bottle!

Whether you’re new to the flavoured lube world, or you’re bored of the same old strawberry flavor, try mixing and matching different lube flavours to come up with brand new delicious flavours! Check out these totally awesome and tasty flavour combination examples using Wicked Sensual Flavoured lubricants!

Wicked Flavour Menu:

Naughty Hot Chocolate:
Cherry Cordial + Mocha Java
Pumpkin Spice Latte:
Mocha Java + Cinnamon Bun
Vanilla Latte:
Mocha Java + Vanilla Bean
Caramel Macchiato:
Mocha Java + Vanilla Bean + Salted Caramel
Caramel Apple:
Salted Caramel + Candy Apple
Fruity Gelato:
Vanilla Bean + Pomegranate
Crème Brulee:
Salted Caramel + Vanilla Bean
Apple Pie:
Candy Apple + Cinnamon Bun + Vanilla Bean
Hot Cherry Pie:
Cherry Cordial + Cinnamon Bun

Fun & Flavourful Ideas:

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1. Add it to your menu - for real.

Flavours like salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon bun, etc. are all so delicious on their own, just think of the flavour potential mixed in with some of your favourite treats! You can try putting some on ice cream, in your coffee, in an alcoholic beverage, and more!

2. Put it on other erogenous zones too.

Places like the neck, inner thighs, ear lobes, inner arms, etc. are all super sensitive spots that would benefit from your soft licks and kisses. Lube up some of these places on the body and lick them off one at a time!

3. Play a game.

Try blindfolding your partner and have them lick (or smell) different flavours off of you! They can be rewarded for each flavour they get right, or punished for each one they get wrong!

4. An even wetter makeout session.

Put a small drop on your lips for an extra wet french kissing or makeout session. Some flavoured lubes come in different forms like a spray or a lip gloss so that it can be easier to apply!


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