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The Toy to Try: Kiiroo Keon Automatic Masturbator & Feel Stroker Set

The future of stroking has arrived.
August 18, 2022

A new standard in interactive pleasure for stroking has been set with the Keon Interactive Bluetooth-enabled automatic masturbator combo set by the brand Kiiroo. Embodying both innovation and design in a small, compact casing; the Kiiroo Keon set with interactive Bluetooth-enabled base & realistic stroker is the ultimate automatic toy for penis havers. All you need to do is let Keon unleash your fantasies without constraints!

feel stroker

Starting with the Feel Stroker itself, it features a realistic entry with vaginal lips and a spiral-textured inner chamber. It is removable for easy cleaning and can be used on its own or be paired with the Keon base for an automatic and hands-free experience!


Taking your pleasure to the next level, the automated Keon (base) offers up to 230 strokes per minute and gives you full control of the speed and length of the stroke. This provides the option for both shallow and more deeper strokes which can provide different sensations to the penis.


Keon's robust design is the perfect shape for ergonomic handling and the intuitive grip control helps optimize your experience in limitless ways.

It also features an elegant LED lighting system with an instinctive design that reacts responsively to your commands. It provides you real-time information about the connection mode, speed, and battery life of the toy!

kiiroo app screenshot

What makes the Kiiroo Keon even more advanced is its ability to link to the Kiiroo interactive app. Once connected to the Kiiroo platform through Bluetooth technology, you can connect to the sexy partner of your choosing for an interactive experience like no other! Within the app are even more opportunities to play including video chat, syncing to other Kiiroo toys, and surrendering the control of your toy to someone else.

Oh, and did we mention that it also links to interactive erotic content for a fully immersive stroking experience!? Connect your Keon stroker to an extensive list of the interactive erotic content produced by some of the world's leading adult sites. Then, you get to feel every thrust, moan and groan in real-time!

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OSX 10.8 and onwards.


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