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Butt Plugs vs Prostate Massagers

Both designed for the booty, get to know the difference between butt plugs and prostate massagers!
August 23, 2022

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Both butt plugs and prostate massagers are similar but different types of anal toys that are inserted into the butt for internal anal stimulation. They both range in sizes, designs, and materials however, as with all anal toys, both should always have a flared base for safety.

Speaking of safety…it’s even more important to clean these types of toys because of the butt bacteria and ensure that any part of the toy that has been on or in the anal opening doesn’t get on or into other parts of the body like the eyes, mouth, vulva, or head of the penis.

Since lube is a must for all types of anal play, just remember that silicone lubes aren’t compatible with toys made of silicone, however both glass & metal materials are good to go with any type of lube!

Since they do kind of look alike, it’s easy to get these two toys mixed up or not really know which is which; so let Stag Shop help you get to know the difference between butt plugs and prostate massagers.

Butt Plugs

Ouch by Shots Toys Diamond Butt Plug

Most butt plugs look like the ones pictured above; this teardrop and tapered shape is the classic design and also makes it easier and more comfortable to insert into the body. Although the most popular design, it’s not the only one; some are beaded or rounded which can provide a fuller or stretching sensation to the anus.

There are a variety of reasons someone would want to play with a butt plug! Firstly, it’s a beginner-friendly way to get used to anal play in general and taking things inside the anus…especially with the use of smaller plugs. They can also be worn for a longer period of time (around 2-3 hours) and stay inside of the body while you do other things - whether it’s sexual activities or simply going to the grocery store.

Butt plugs of graduating sizes (usually sold in an anal trainer kit) are used to stretch the rectum muscles and tissues to be able to accommodate bigger things over time. Rotating butt plugs can provide a rimming like sensation on the anal opening when inserted, providing even more pleasure.

A lot of different butt plugs offer vibration which can make things more pleasurable when turned on and plugs of different materials can provide different effects; use one made of glass to bring temperature play to your booty or a metal one to add pressure and weight into your play.

You can even personalize your plug with a unique design on the base such as jewels, sayings, flowers, or tails, that pokes out between the cheeks when inserted!

Prostate Massagers

XR Brands Alpha-Pro - 7X P-Bender Prostate Massager

As suggested in the name, prostate massagers are typically more suited for people with a prostate! A prostate orgasm is a whole new type of orgasm for people with a prostate if they've only ever experienced a penis orgasm, in fact some folks don’t even get an erection with prostate play.

Prostate massagers look very similar to a plug pretty much right up until the tip where it is often angled and sometimes more bulbous than classic plugs. This angled tip is because of where the prostate is located inside of the body; approximately 2 inches in the anus, towards the front of the body. They are also used slightly differently than a plug as they are designed to offer more of a rocking motion to stroke the prostate rather than an in & out motion or even leaving it in place like a plug.

A common feature that many prostate toys have is a perineum stimulator; a tab, ball, or other piece of the toy that sits directly on the perineum (taint) when inserted and provides additional stimulation to this sensitive area. Some prostate massagers also offer vibration while others can feature thrusting or tapping motions directly on the prostate!

Do YOU have any more questions about either butt plugs or prostate massagers?! Leave them in the comments below!


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