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The Toy to Try: Pipedream Flask

Stay hydrated (and satisfied) on-the-go with the Pipedream Flask water bottle…and stroker!

If you were looking for that little sexy something to easily hide from prying eyes…this discreet water bottle penis stroker can hide in plain sight! Designed to look just like a reusable water bottle—this on-demand hydration station is designed with your privacy in mind and will effortlessly blend into almost any setting, perfect for those with roommates, kids, or folks who travel a lot.

It’s a tantalizing travel buddy that will keep you company while venturing into the great unknown or trekking the globe since it easily hides in a backpack, suitcase, or even in your car!

The flasks are available in all sorts of orifices, skin tones, and colours:

  • A vulva in 2 skin tones - beige & brown
  • A frosted “neutral” opening
  • 4 different “water bottle” colours - blue, black, camo, and grey

Regardless of which one you choose though, all of the sleeves are made from Pipedream’s patented Fanta Flesh material. They’re soft, supple, and are easily removed from the durable plastic case for cleaning. Just be sure to allow the sleeve to fully air dry before re-inserting. The sleeve also features an intricate interior tunnel lined with pleasure ribs that will rock your world as you thrust in & out!

The Flask doesn’t vibrate…but…it could! When you take the sleeve out of the case, you’ll see another smaller hole located on the bottom. This allows you to insert a small, bullet vibe (sold separately) which instantly turns the flask into a vibrating toy!

Not just for realism, the flip-top straw lid doubles as a suction control valve that allows you to control the airflow. Either keep it closed to feel like it's a little tighter, or open it up to let the air flow through.

The built-in finger ring on the lid allows you to slide your index finger through for an easy no-slip grip while one-handed stroking…and makes carrying it a breeze!

You can shop all of the flasks together HERE and if you had any more questions about them, we’d be happy to answer them for you in the comments down below!


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