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8 MORE Masturbation Tips!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - Masturbation May! Last year, we gave you our top 10 masturbation tips and this year, we’re back with 8 more!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - Masturbation May! Last year, we gave you our top 10 masturbation tips and this year, we’re back with 8 more!

We want to help you think outside of the box (pun intended) as you take this month to explore not only different ways to masturbate, but explore your body and other erogenous zones as well.

In a world where self-care and self-love are increasingly championed, it's essential to remember that your solo pleasure deserves just as much attention and exploration as any other aspect of self-care. Whether you're a seasoned self-love aficionado or just beginning to dip your toes into the waters of self-pleasure, there are always new heights to reach and sensations to explore. Here are 8 MORE tips and tricks to elevate your solo satisfaction to new levels of bliss.

1. Explore Beyond the Obvious

When it comes to erogenous zones, the genitals often take centre stage, but there's a whole world of pleasure waiting to be discovered elsewhere on your body. Experiment with combining different hot spots for multiple sensations at once. Keep reading for some ways to do this!

2. Get Mutually Acquainted

Solo pleasure doesn't have to mean flying solo. Embrace the intimacy and connection of mutual masturbation, whether with a partner in-person or virtually. There are many benefits to masturbating together, even if you’re in a relationship!

3. Body-ody-ody Learning

Take the time to truly know your body better. Serious question - have you ever seen a chart or diagram of what you got going on both on the inside and out? You can explore those to understand the basics better and then experiment in your own skin to discover what feels good, where, and how!

4. Enhance Your Experience

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Enhancement liquids & gels can add an extra layer of sensation to your solo play. Whether you're seeking to locate and stimulate the elusive G-spot or enhance clitoral arousal and sensitivity, there's a variety of options! Don't forget to explore options for penile stimulation as well, such as arousals or masturbation creams.

5. 2 Toys, 1 You

Why settle for using one toy when you can have 2…3…4 or more!? Experiment with using multiple toys simultaneously to stimulate different erogenous zones and explore those hot spots that we just talked about! The possibilities are endless - so let your imagination run wild - but here are some killer combos to get you started:

6. Aim for New Orgasms

Are you someone who typically likes to experience the same kind(s) of orgasm when you masturbate? For example, clitoral stimulation with a vibe OR stroking a penis to ejaculation?

Explore some of those erogenous zones from before and see (just for funsies!) if there’s another area of your body that can actually bring you to orgasm…like the nipples, the prostate, or the cervix (sometimes referred to as the a-spot).

7. Embrace Your Fantasies

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative! Especially if you have a fantasy you’re not sure about acting out IRL or don’t have a consenting partner to do so. For example…

  • Have a group sex fantasy? → Add “someone else” into the mix with a realistic dildo, vulva, butt, or full size sex doll!

  • Want to be blindfolded & all tied up? → Wear a blindfold, gag, and some wrist/ankle cuffs during your next solo session.

    Pro Tip: If part of your kink is “not knowing what’s coming next”, try a remote control toy that when blindfolded and hitting buttons at random, you really do keep yourself guessing!

  • Want to take a creature as a lover? → Use a monstrous toy like a tentacle dildo, alien stroker, and many others!

8. Talk Dirty…to Me

Pipedream Extreme Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Masturbator

Experiment with talking dirty to yourself during solo play, or invest in a toy that can do the talking for you…like the Pipedream Extreme one pictured above.

Let your fantasies run wild as you explore the erotic potential of language.


Masturbation is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and endless possibility. So go ahead—indulge, explore, and revel in the boundless joy of self-love. You deserve it!😉


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