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Top Oral Sex Tips For Everyone!

Regardless of who is performing oral sex and on what part of the body, here are some universal tips for everyone!
November 30, 2021

Oral sex involves using your mouth for pleasure and it can be performed on a penis, vulva, anus, etc. In addition to some of the basics of anatomy, try one of these universal oral sex tips for anyBODY!

1. Grind on

black rapper grinding gif

If receiving, you can grind your body against their head to provide you with more control over things like the pressure, speed, etc.

2. Add Lube

Intimate Earth Oral Pleasure Glide 3ml Sample Size

Not only can the addition of lubricant provide more sensation for the receiver, but if you use a flavoured lube (specifically designed for oral sex), it adds a different taste for the giver too!

There are some pretty delicious flavours out there including coffee, blueberry muffin, and fresh strawberries.

3. Add a Toy

Doc Johnson Goodhead Vibrating Tongue Ring Pink

We all want to provide our partners with the most pleasure we can, right? But we’re only human and it’s okay if you get tired or there are things that your tongue simply can’t do.

So try adding a toy into the mix too - whatever you enjoy! Not sure what to try first? There are finger vibrators, tongue vibrators, dildos, and more!

4. Be enthusiastic 

schitts creek I love your enthusiasm gif

Oral sex is an incredibly intimate act and some people on the receiving end can be a little self-conscious about it. If you are the giver and you’re having a good time (which you probably are!), don’t be afraid to show it! Smile at them, moan, dirty talk (if you’re into that), and generally just act like you’re happy to be going down south.

5. Get creative 

stag shop logo in a 69 position

The basic missionary position is a common one for oral sex, but if you can, try to be more creative! Get on all fours, try one person standing up, and of course, there’s always the 69.

6. Take a seat

XR Brands Lovebotz Bangin Bench EZ Ride Sex Stool With Handles

Speaking of different positions, face sitting is another creative way to engage in oral sex. You can sit on a face for more intimacy & receiver control OR on the edge of a bed/chair for different and sometimes easier access for a giver on their knees.

Pro Tip: Try a sex bench (like the one pictured above) with a hole in the seat…designed for…exactly what you’re probably thinking!


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