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10 Types of Vibrators

Today, we’re going to be breaking down 10(!!) different types of vibrators.
November 25, 2021

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Often categorized by where on the body they were designed to stimulate, vibrators can be used by anyone to deliver the good vibes - and pleasure! Today, we’re going to be breaking down 10(!!) different types of vibrators.

Bullet Vibrators

Onyxxx Sensia Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Often designed for the purpose of clitoral stimulation, bullet vibrators are smaller with a pinpoint tip and are named after what they tend to look like - bullets! They are an incredibly universal sex toy though as they can be used on any erogenous zone and many other non-vibrating toys actually feature the option to insert one to add vibration.

Massage Wands

Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager Grey

Made for more than just massaging, massage wands are a type of vibrator that features a more bulbous, rounded head and often delivers more powerful vibrations compared to other types of vibes. In fact, they can be so strong that they actually are used non-sexually by many folks to soothe aching muscles all over the body! However, they are also a very popular toy for powerful and direct clitoral stimulation. 

G-spot Vibrators

Evolved Coming Strong G-Spot Vibrator Navy

These types of vibes were designed to hit that magical spot for vulva havers - the g-spot! This area - located on the front vaginal wall - often requires toys with a specific angle and a more bulbous tip in order to be properly reached and stimulated. Some folks find it helpful to rock the toy back and forth in order to find it and even more pleasurable to continue this motion when they do! 

Rabbit Vibrators

Evolved Inflatable Bunny Vibrator Burgundy

Although they’re called “rabbits”, not all dual vibrators feature the bunny ears they have become known for! Dual vibrators refer to a toy that penetrates the vagina but also simultaneously stimulates the clitoris. G-spot vibes can be found in rabbit vibrator styles too, adding some clitoral vibrations to the fun and possibly achieving the blended orgasm.

Cal Exotics Jack Rabbit Signature Heated Thrusting G Rabbit Blue

Some shafts feature fun things like thrusting motions or rotating beads while others are more simple. They can be found with a variety of clitoral pieces as well including; spinning & flickering pieces, butterfly wings that stimulate the labia as well, ones with clitoral suction, and of course rabbit ears that buzz back and forth.

Traditional Vibrators 

Cal Exotics First Time Power Vibe Pink

Traditional vibrators typically refer to those that feature a straighter internal shaft. This classic shape & design is ideal for those who enjoy more basic in & out penetration as opposed to the angled, g-spot penetration.

Pipedream King Cock Vibrating Realistic Stiffy Dildo 6-inch Beige

They are also great for clitoral stimulation as they can provide a longer handle compared to the shorter design of a bullet vibe. Some traditional vibrators have a realistic look & feel to that of a penis, and others offer fun features to the shaft such as thrusting, a turbo boost of power, or a stimulating texture.

Clitoral Suction/Air Pulse

Womanizer Classic 2 Clitoral Stimulator Black

Clitoral suction toys are not quite vibrators but rather toys that feature airwave pressure technology which pulls air in and pushes it out again in a rapid pulsation. Although called “clitoral” suction, they can be used on a wide variety of other places too other than just the clit! They provide a unique sensation, however, it has been compared to the feeling of oral sex. Womanizer and Satisfyer are two of the top brands Stag Shop carries, offering features such as vibration, app-connectivity, and an internal shaft for dual stimulation.

Anal Vibrators

Adam & Eve Eve's G-Motion Thumper With Motion Massager Blue

If you want your booty to really rock, add some vibration! Not only can the stimulation provided by the vibrations feel good, but they can also help to relax the muscles. Many anal toys feature vibrating options, so you are sure to find the right vibe for you whether you like butt plugs, prostate massagers, anal beads, or all of the above! Some anal vibrators also come with a remote control, which can be easier for maneuvering when playing solo or you can hand it off to a partner.

Realistic Vibrators

Pipedream King Cock Vibrating Realistic Cock 7-inch Brown

Play with the next best thing thanks to a realistic vibrator! Just as with penises, it can be a personal preference when it comes to things like length and girth, so be sure to pay extra attention to these specifications. Found in a variety of skin tones and sizes to best represent our diverse population, some also feature fun & bright colours!

Finger Vibrators

Evolved Frisky Finger Vibrator Burgundy

Finger vibes are mini vibrators that are typically worn around the fingers, instantly turning your hand into a vibrator! Some also feature textured bits like nubs or ridges for a unique feeling as it caresses the skin - whether inside or out of the body!

Couples Vibrators

We-Vibe Chorus Adjustable Dual Couples Vibrator Purple

Vibrators are as great for partnered play as they are for solo sessions, and while we encourage you to use your solo vibes with a partner too, some have already simplified the process for you! We categorize them as couples vibrators and these products were designed with two in mind. Featuring innovative designs and technology, couples vibrators ensure you are both being stimulated, and often at the same time!


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