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Toys For Nipple Play

If you love nipple play, then you’re going to love these toys all designed for nipple stimulation and pleasure.
September 25, 2020

Nipple play can be enjoyed by folks of all genders and identities as the nipples are an erogenous zone, full of sensitive nerve endings! If you love nipple play, then you’re going to love these toys all designed for nipple stimulation and pleasure.


Cal Exotics Nipple Play Silver Beaded Nipple Clamps

When your hands get tired, let a pair of clamps do the nipple pinching for you! Clamps are designed to pinch down onto the nipple and apply pressure until they are released. Many folks find this pressure alone to be stimulating, however they can make the nipple more sensitive once they are released as well. For safety reasons, most nipple clamps are adjustable and offer quick release options.

Ouch by Shots Toys Teasing Nipple Clamps

Two popular styles of clamp include the “clothespin” (where you manually have to pinch it open and closed), and the “pincer” style (which features a slider that is used to close the pinch). However, there are multiple other styles of nipple clamps as well including vices and lassos; some clamps have weights attached for an extra pull, and some even vibrate!

XR Brands Master Series Sin Spheres Silicone Magnetic Balls

A more extreme version of clamps can be seen in the form of magnets. Using powerful magnetic force, the two pieces cradle the nipple for an even tighter (non-adjustable) pinch.


Cal Exotics Nipple Play Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers create a seal around the nipple and increase the air pressure to draw blood to it and sometimes make it bigger. This makes the nipple more sensitive to any kind of stimulation once they are removed.

Cal Exotics Nipple Play Vacuum Twist Suckers

Some are adjustable in the sense that you can control how much suction is being applied to the nipple, however many are a simple squeeze-style which simply “suck” the nipple.


Shots Toys Pumped Rechargeable Clitoral & Nipple Pump Set Assorted Sizes

A more extreme version of a nipple sucker is a nipple pump as they use more force and therefore more air pressure. Pumps often feature a handheld device to be able to control the intensity of the suction, and most feature a quick release valve for safety reasons.


Cal Exotics Nipple Play Non-Piercing Nipple Chain Jewelry Onyx

Often found in nipple clamps, jewelery like chains and beads add an aesthetic and sensual appeal to nipple play. Chains (whether jeweled or simple) can add more sensation when tugged on and sometimes will feature an extra chain/clamp to attach to the genitals.

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Bonus Toys!


Cal Exotics Scandal BDSM Rope

Try checking out some rope bondage that includes not just the nipples, but the breasts/chest as a whole! Many rope harnesses can be wrapped in a way that will make the breasts (and nipples) stand out!

Ticklers & Pinwheels

Sportsheets Ostrich Tickler & XR Brands Master Series Lil Devil Mini Sensation Wheel

For a different kind of stimulation, try a tickler or pinwheel! On the one side, a tickler provides soft and teasing sensations, whereas a pinwheel inflicts a more sharp and pointed feeling. Pinwheels are all about how hard you use them - roll it lightly for a softer feel and harder for a good prick!

Mini Vibe

Doc Johnson The Original Pocket Rocket

Some nipple clamps come in vibrating form, but using a mini or bullet vibe will also do the trick - it’s great for when you want the vibrations without the pinch!


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