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Trans Products Part 1: Male/Masculine

Meet your most masculine self with some of these items to help you to best present & express your gender!

The products we’re talking about in this blog are focused more on helping you to present more masculine. You can see part two for ways to appear more feminine too!

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Coquette Short & Long Binders

Binders are a piece of fabric that compresses the chest to minimize the look and feel of breasts. They can be seen in many designs including shorter and longer (both pictured above).

Packers & Packing Underwear

Fleshlight Mr. Limpy Packer Penis

Packers are a fake, often non-erect penis that one can wear to create the look of a “penis bulge” as well as the look/feel of having one on your body. There are several brands of packers that come in a variety of sizes as well as skin tones.

Cal Exotics Packer Gear Boxer Brief Packer Harness

Similarly, underwear that is snugger to the body is preferable to be able to hold a packer securely in place, and some have been designed especially for such - like Packer Gear. Alternatively, a smaller or softer strap-on harness that can be worn under clothes will also hold a packer in.

STP Devices

Cal Exotics Packer Gear Silicone STP Packer

An STP (also known as a stand-to-pee) device allows you to be able to pee standing up, similar to how someone with a penis does. There are a few different designs but they often feature a wide opening that narrows down to a tube-like design (kind of like how a funnel works). Some designs also act as a 2-for-1 where they function both as a packer as well as an STP device!


Just as there is no universal way to experience being transgender, it’s the same when it comes to sex! Explore whichever types of stimulation, sexual activities, and/or sex toys that feel the most pleasurable for you and your body.

Cal Exotics Packer Gear FTM Stroker

That being said, there are some sex toys specifically designed for certain transgender folks, such as the smaller strokers created to accommodate an enlarged clitoris that can often be experienced by transmen who have taken testosterone. 


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