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Gagging Over Mouth Gags!

Mouth gags (also known as a ball gag, or gag restraint) are a BDSM staple for many, while others are just discovering all of the gagging glory that they can bring to sex.

Mouth gags (also known as a ball gag, or gag restraint) are a BDSM staple for many, while others are just discovering all of the gagging glory that they can bring to sex. Regardless of your experience with gags, here’s what they’re all about!

Oh Gag Me!

Ouch by Shots Toys Solid Ball Gag

Gag restraints are typically used in Dominant & Submissive situations as a form of control over another person - but not always! A gag in the mouth makes it difficult for the wearer to talk and sometimes in extreme play situations, breathe. Some enjoy mouth gags for the visual aspect as well as seeing a partner gagged can be incredibly erotic.

The gag, worn inside of the mouth and behind the teeth, is often made of a solid piece attached to a strap that goes around the back of the head to securely keep the gag in place. Many straps are adjustable for the perfect fit and to be able to get the gag on and off.

Most gags are often made of rubber or silicone but can also be seen in more solid & firm materials like metal and leather. It is expected that the wearer of a gag restraint will drool more, and often this becomes part of the fun. For the extreme player, a mouth gag is used often for the purpose of getting the wearer to drool excessively, muffle their sounds, and sometimes cause them pain.

Safewords are an important part of any type of kinky play as they can communicate to a partner when you are done with an activity without killing the mood or being confused as part of the play. However, since the person wearing a mouth gag won’t really be able to communicate with words, be sure you come up with a non-verbal safeword instead!

Types of Gags

Here are the main types of gag restraints and how they work!


NS Novelties Sinful Soft Silicone Ball Gag

This type of gag is in the shape of a round ball, sometimes solid or sometimes with holes.


Sincerely by Sportsheets Lace Bit Gag

 A Bit gag is more of a long and thin piece that the wearer can even bite down on if they so choose.


Cal Exotics Colt Camo Bone Gag

Some gag restraints feature a design to aid in specific fetish play or just to look cute! Some popular designs include; a heart, lips, a dog bone, and a pacifier.


NS Novelties Sinful O-Ring Gag

An O-Ring Gag is a unique type of gag as there really is no “gag” part. An O-ring (often made of metal) is attached to the straps instead, but worn around the head like a typical gag restraint. The O-Ring still restrains the mouth and jaw, but alternatively secures it so that the mouth is kept open.

Gagged To The Extreme!

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag

Gag restraints can also be taken to the next level with the following styles, but beware these are for the experienced and extreme gag restraint players!


When an O-Ring Gag just isn’t wide enough for you, try a spider gag! Similar to an O-Ring style, they also feature “legs” attached to the ring which help to prevent the mouth from closing and can sometimes cause pain (for those that want it).


Pretty much exactly as it sounds, a dildo gag features a dildo as the gag piece! Since dildos are longer, a dildo gag will take up more room in the mouth and can often make the wearer actually physically gag on it. Dildo gags can be a great accessory for any type of deep throat play. Alternatively, if worn the other way, the dildo piece can be used by the wearer to penetrate a partner!

Attached To Other Restraint Play & BDSM Items

Sometimes gag restraints can come attached to other BDSM items such as; hog ties, collars, nipple clamps, arm restraints, handcuffs, etc. This can take your play to the next level and combine some of the more popular types of BDSM play into one thrilling toy.

The Perfect Gag For You

trying on ball gags gif

If you’re in the market for a gag restraint, try looking for the following features based on your experience level with using them!


NS Novelties Lust Ball Gag

Look for breathable gags with holes, a smaller ball size, and/or a ball made of a softer and squishier material (not so solidly firm). Alternatively, a bit gag is perfect!


Cal Exotics Colt Camo Ball Gag

Look for bigger balls and ones without holes. The gag itself might be harder and made of a more solid material. Try “leveling up” and playing with different types of gags besides balls & bits!


XR Brands Strict Deep Throat O Ring Gag

Look for a very hard, solid material gag - probably one made of metal or leather. Depending on your type of play, larger gags are better for more fetishized gagging (aka more muffling & drooling), and the more extreme gags from above (open, dildo, spider, etc.) can add to the aesthetic of the scene.


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Now, doesn’t that all of that just have you GAGGING over the fun!?

 drag queens gag gif


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