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Trans Products Part 2: Female/Feminine

Feel your femininity with some of these items to help you to best present & express your gender!

The products we’re talking about in this blog are focused more on helping you to present more feminine. You can see part one for ways to appear more masculine too!

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Breast Forms & Plates

divine gold seal triangle breast form-j

Chest/breast plates & breast forms give the appearance of a preferred chest, often with breasts but sometimes without. Breast forms specifically are designed to be placed inside the bra cups to fill them out and add volume to the chest area.

These Gold Seal silicone breast forms from the Divine Collection look, feel, warm, and bounce like natural breasts in their easy-to-wear symmetrical shape. The reinforced double-strength membrane on the back of the breast forms ensures that you can use medical adhesives on the forms without fear of damage.

The mildly-erect nipples are silicone-filled with natural coloring of the areola…unfortunately they are only available in a white skin tone right now but are available in different sizes.

Pssst…they work great with both pocketed and non-pocket bras!

divine athena breast plate-j

Alternatively, this Athena silicone breastplate is realistic, self-adhering, and available in 3 different skin tones as well as sizes! The round, full shape of the breasts is a great fit for half-cup and demi-cup bras, while the tapered edges help to blend to the body. 

It features lifelike built-in nipples, a slightly concave back that fits most body types, and is even safe to sleep in!

Pro tip from the brand… if you're looking to further match your skin tone with makeup - make sure you set your makeup properly to avoid transfer on to clothing. 

  • You can use cream (oil based) or water based foundations on silicone breast forms, but cream based makeup typically sets better and lasts longer once set with a setting powder.
  • You can also use a setting spray for even longer lasting power.
  • Breast forms can be cleaned with a mild soap and water but let fully air dry before re-applying makeup.


Gaffs are specially designed undergarments meant to conceal the penis & help with tucking. Most often appearing like a thong, they feature a wider front and back to provide additional coverage and a flatter silhouette.

Take a look at some of these ones currently available by the Divine Collection:


divine selene gaff-j

  • Classic thong gaff shape 
  • Wide front panel helps to minimize the appearance of your bulge
  • Thicker crotch cavity gives you greater security to help keep your tuck in place


divine luxury gaff-j

  • Made of an eco-friendly material - “Chito Sante” helps with moisture management/wicking and is anti-bacterial, odour-resistant, and non-toxic
  • Wider front for full coverage
  • Soft panty lining for comfort and cooling


divine classic gaff-j

  • Designed for no discomfort in the crotch area 
  • Wider front for full coverage
  • Soft, smooth lining prevents chaffing

Gold Seal

divine gold seal gaff-j

  • Strong and comfortable design 
  • Wider front for full coverage
  • Soft panty lining for comfort and cooling

Vulva Inserts

divine vulva inserts1-jdivine vulva insertsj

Add one of these built-in silicone vulva inserts for the ultimate in feminine illusion, available in 4 sizes and 3 different skin tones! The anatomy looks and feels so real as it curves around your tuck while helping to smooth your front.

Pssst…the Selene gaff panty is also included in black or nude! It features a subtle black mesh over the top of your anatomy, while a sheer nude underlay hides its edges to create the ultimate feminine appearance on your body.

The wide front panel helps smooth your front and minimize the appearance of a bulge while the thicker crotch cavity gives you greater security to help keep your tuck in place!


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