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How to Have Outdoor Sex!

Happy Summer!☀️ If you were thinking of taking advantage of the hot & sweaty weather by getting a little hot & sweaty yourselves, here is how to have the BEST outdoor sex!
Emily Zawadzki
June 20, 2023

Bring a blanket

liberator liquid velvet sheet set

Liberator Liquid Velvet Sheet & Pillow Cover Set

Pack a blanket or extra towel to lay down anywhere you plan on getting dirty…so that you don’t have to LITERALLY get dirty from the ground or wherever else you’re planning on getting down!

Go for a hike

two black women hiking gif

Take advantage of a private path or a road less travelled with some sex while on a hike! Just remember your do’s and don'ts!

Consider what to wear

coq d9318 skirtcoq 21302dresscoq d9245 pants

Coquette D9318 Skirt  & Coquette 21302 Dress & Coquette D9245 Pants 

You may find things go a little more smoothly if you choose articles of clothing that are easy access like a skirt, dress, or even the pants pictured above with an accessible zipper crotch!

The same goes for undergarments - if you choose to wear any - the loose fitting and more accessible you are, the easier it will be to stop & start playing spontaneously out & about!

Pro Tip: Depending where you are, a swimsuit also makes a great choice as you’re pretty much already in your undies anyway!

Where to play?

white couple kissing on a boat

Besides a path, consider where else you could have sex out of the house that is isolated and provides privacy! In a tent? Out on a boat? On the deck of a private cottage??

Just be mindful of others - even if you find it thrilling to “almost get caught” it’s absolutely not cool (and tbh nonconsensual) to surprise any strangers with that scene!

Bring toys on-the-go

blush lipstick vibe-j

Blush Novelties Rose Lipstick Vibe

Think about which toys & accessories to take with you!

If you’re on the hunt for that perfect on-the-go companion, think about toys that are smaller in size, don't make too much noise, and are easily portable whether it be in a pocket, handbag, backpack, etc.

Not sure where to even begin looking? Check out one of these 5 toys to lend a helping hand!

Get kinky in public

black women swinging a flogger

Prefer to play a little kinkier?! Take your BDSM out into the world with one of these 10 (!!!) ways to play kinky in public!