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What is Wax Play?

Warm each other up this winter with some seductive & sensual wax play!
January 28, 2021

Wax play is a form of temperature, sensory, and sometimes pain play; all with the use of melted candle wax. Before you reach for the first scented candle you see at home though, keep in mind that this is done with special, body-safe wax candles, like the ones found here!

Icon Brands Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles Black

The heat that wax candles bring can be both a sensual and painful experience, all depending on the level of heat. You can make it hotter by dripping it closer to the body, cooler by dripping with more height, and/or drive their senses wild by incorporating a bit of both!

Regardless, all of the wax will harden on the skin eventually and some folks find its removal to be painful as well. Get creative with your play and experiment with different wax colours, shapes and patterns coated on the body.

Cal Exotics Scandal Bed Restraints

Incorporate some wax play into your Dominant & submissive play too, especially with the addition of a blindfold and/or restraint. All tied up, they will be anticipating each heated drip and you can use their open & exposed body as your personal wax canvas!


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