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Speaking of our birthday…we asked YOU over on our Instagram account to share with us some of your favourite memories with us over the past 51 years!
Emily Zawadzki
May 18, 2023

Speaking of our birthday…we asked YOU over on our Instagram account to share with us some of your favourite memories with us over the past 51 years…here’s what you had to say!😉

**Thank you to ALL who shared their stories and memories, reading your kind words was one of the best birthday presents we could ask for!🎁🥰**

  • "A few years back there was a 50% off code on New Years Eve. I asked my wife to look and add anything that interested her, and I would pick from that list and order. She picked out toys, sexy outfits, and games. When it came time to choose, she watched to see what I would pick and I surprised her by buying the whole lot, spending several hundred dollars. Best money spent because we had months of fun…plus can't pass up a sale like that!"

  • "My favorite memory of anything from Stag Shop would probably be the corset I bought my wife a few years ago which she absolutely loved. The reaction from her and the uh... afterparty from her opening it was spectacular!"

  • "Being able to shop for my size of lingerie in the store makes a world of difference to a plus size person like me!"

  • "I had gone through a bad break up just as I graduated university. Needing to occupy my spare time I found a Stag Shop in my area that was hiring. The interview process was the best I had ever gone through and I was offered part time employment. I learned SO much from working there and made many friends from working different locations. My biggest takeaway was how the job restored my self-esteem. I healed from my breakup by helping others feel beautiful in the lingerie they picked out, by easing the nerves of first-time shoppers, and by offering advice & a listening ear. Unfortunately, I was unable to transfer when I moved in with my now husband, but Stag Shop gave me such a wonderful outlook on life and restored my confidence as a person (and in the bedroom 😉)"

  • "I remember my first time entering a Stag Shop and feeling nervous or concerned about being judged for what I wanted to buy - to my surprise, I was proven completely wrong! I walked into the shop (also my first sex shop experience), looking to buy both sounding rods and cock rings - I had zero experience with either, but was looking to experiment and try something new to explore. The staff member who helped was so incredibly informative and helpful and was able to recommend two products that blew my world…literally!! While I shyly looked around, an older woman came in to pick up an order for a massive vibrating dildo! Her openness and excitement picking up her new toy, really made me feel as if I was no different than anyone else exploring themselves!"

  • "My husband and I visit every Stag Shop in every city we visit and we went to the one in Toronto that was a two-level store, and we loved it. We walked by a wall of dildos that said “Try Me” on them. Needless to say we had a good laugh with the employees when we asked where we can try them lmao. It was a darth Vader dildo!! We have been together almost 38 years and we still visit a Stag Shop in every city we visit lol. 🤪🤪🤪"

  • "My fav Stag Shop memories are definitely helping my friends buy their first toys and helping them become more comfortable with intimacy with others, but mostly with themselves!💕"

  • "Being under 18 and going in for some free condoms in the village was always top tier! Love how you love safe sex."

  • "My biggest Stag Shop memory has to be the very first time I stepped foot in one. I was 19 years old and thought it would be hilarious to walk around and look at all the sex toys. I was with a very close friend of mine and all we did was laugh at everything. Fast forward almost 20 years and I have learned to appreciate sex toys. Back then I had no clue. When I look back I just think to myself how immature I was and that there needs to be more education for young people regarding pleasure in the bedroom. It's everyone's birthright!!"

  • "I went into your Toronto store planning to get a small vibrator and left with a premium vibrator complete with a 3 year warranty. You have amazing sales people!"

  • "My favorite Stag Shop memory (there have been tons but my fav) was going for a big shopping spree for a photoshoot I wanted to do, helping to show everyone the importance of being comfortable in your own skin 🥰💃"

  • "When I turned legal age 13 years ago, I was like OH MY GOD this is what adult heaven looks like? My now husband has made me try new things in the bedroom courtesy of your store and we shop here every other month. Thanks for making adult heaven possible!!"

  • "I married my husband 8 months after I met him. After a 15 year relationship I was interested in everything. Being a brit he was rather stand offish about heading to the Stag Shop but he did it and we had the most fun. He's never hesitated about shopping there again. ❤❤"

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