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Let's Celebrate #MasturbationMay

Although Masturbation May is halfway over, it’s never too late to start (or continue with) your self-love celebrations!

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Not sure what counts as “celebrating”? Catch up on ALL of the masturbation content here on the blog or try starting with one of the following fun ideas!

Mutually Masturbate

Whether you are physically with someone or not, you can engage in some mutual masturbation with a partner or friends with benefits.

Find new sexy content

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Go on a hunt for some new erotic content to inspire & arouse you during your solo sessions whether it’s porn, erotica, spicy novels, etc.🌶️

Make your own masturbation playlist(s)

Speaking of sexy content…audio - especially music - can set the mood and add to any solo experience. So listen to the songs or artists that you know turn you on and even set up a playlist with all of your faves!

Pssstcheck out these playlists to help inspire you (or to simply use for yourself!)

Do it in a new way

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Liberator Heart Wedge Position Aid Velvish Red

Try masturbating in a new position, in a different room of your house, or by exploring a new erogenous zone…in fact we have 10 different tips that can help to switch up your masturbation routine!

Make it a part of your regular self-care

Since there are so many known benefits, try incorporating masturbation into your existing habitual self-care routine. You could add it into your bath or shower routine, when you do your skincare, before bed, upon waking up, etc.

Try a new sex toy


Cal Exotics "Nipple Play" Triple Intimate Clamps

Whether you choose to treat yourself and buy something new, or use one you’ve had for a while but haven’t tried yet - now is the time! If you’re not sure what to get, check out some of our sex toy shopping guides!

Edge yourself

Edging is when you bring yourself to the point of orgasm - but then you stop! We know, it sounds cruel, but it can actually be beneficial in a few ways. Mainly, it can help you to gain more control over when and how you orgasm, whether alone or with a partner.

Learn more about the history

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#MasturbationMay has actually been a thing since 1995; without revealing too many spoilers, take a deep dive into the badass black woman who played a key role in creating how the infamous month of self-love came to be.


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