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10 Tips For Role-Playing

Here are some universal tips that can help to break the ice…even before the games begin.
October 28, 2021

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Role-playing is fun all year round, but come Halloween, the fantasies just hit differently! Regardless of how you choose to dress up (or down!) and what your specific situation entails, here are some universal tips that can help to break the ice…even before the games begin.

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1. YOU and your partner are the only ones who can define the scene 

Meaning that there is no right or wrong way to role-play, even for similar fantasies. It’s really all about what you (both) are into and how you want to play!

2. It’s probably going to feel awkward…but only as awkward as you make it

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The most important thing to remember is that role-play should be FUN. So drop the pressure and cut yourselves some slack, it is called “play” for a reason!

3. Simple is probably better

If you want to plan your role-play scene down to the very detail, hey you do you boo! But for many - especially beginners - a simple word or a sentence prompt such as “you’re late for class again”, or “I need you to check under my hood” is enough to get the creative juices flowing between you!

4. Set up the scene

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Depending on your fantasy, you may want to include props, set up your space, or prepare anything else you may want to make it as realistic as you would like. It doesn’t even have to be sexual props…are you role-playing as a contractor? Break out your home tools!

5. Play with your look too

More than just dressing up into a costume, play with different makeup looks, hairstyles/wigs, and clothing styles to really embody your character.

6. Plan ahead

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…if you can, because sometimes creativity is spontaneous too! However, this will allow you to prepare any looks or props that we just talked about, and it can help you to get into character with the building anticipation!

Also, by planning for it and actually giving your play a date & time, you’re prioritizing it (making it more likely it will happen) and ensuring you have enough time (and perhaps privacy) to complete your scene the way you want.

7. See if there’s anything you already do that you can turn into role-playing

Do you enjoy a hobby or show together? Role-play a championship, rival teams, etc. Is your partner driving/picking you up anywhere? Role-play a hitchhiker or an uber situation. Do you have kids? Make their bedtime routine a role-play scene in which one of you is the babysitter and the other is coming home to relieve them.

8. Use is as an outlet for real-life frustrations

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More than just for sexual purposes, role-playing can also be a healthy & creative outlet for regular everyday stuff too. Did you have a shitty day at work? Role-play a boss & employee or a coworker dynamic where you can control the outcome.

Get into a fender bender? Role-play a scene where your partner is the one at fault and has to make it up to you sexually, or a “strangers meeting for the first time” scenario as you exchange insurance info.

It can be helpful to let any partners in on the situation though to ensure you are all on page with where the scene is going!

9. Figure out what you’re not comfortable with ahead of time

Even if you don’t want to plan a full scene ahead of time, it’s still important to at least have a conversation about what’s going to happen before you start role-playing. In addition to sharing the aspects you are excited to try and explore, discuss any boundaries and limits you want to set in place too. This can ensure that nothing accidentally comes up during your play that can kill the mood or worse, trigger someone involved.

10. Think about the clichés in a new way

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Not ALL doctor or teacher fantasies have to go down the same way! For example, the classic teacher trope is a student getting in trouble with the teacher for ___. Instead, what about a student blackmailing a teacher? Or a student who has a big crush on their teacher/principal/TA? You can create new relationship & situation ideas with some of the role-playing classics to make them feel modern and more personal to you.


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