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10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home

Happy Valentine’s Day! Regardless of how you celebrate, there’s no denying that it’s going to look pretty different this year thanks to COVID-19. So instead, we’re here to give you some fun ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 at home!
February 11, 2021

1. Play with app-controlled toys

Satisfyer Curvy 3 Plus Bluetooth Clitoral Stimulator Pink

Various toy brands have created their own app which users can download and use, most often for free. Some offer even more in-app fun with things like customized vibration patterns, syncing to music, reacting to voices, responding to another toy’s movements, and more.

After you sync your toy to the app via Bluetooth™, you can either control it yourself via your phone or have someone else control it for you via the app on their device. Since all of the play is done within the app, this means that you can (video/audio) chat and a partner can control your toy from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

2. Have a badass bath time experience

Despite the controversy, baths can be calming, relaxing, soothing, healing, and of course sexy! Whether you prefer your baths solo or shared, upgrade your bath into the ultimate badass bath experience with our various bath & body products!

Don’t forget to add any personal touches too such as candles, the music you like, a beverage of choice, or anything else that you want! Need more ideas? Check out our latest IGTV video for some perfectly paired products!

3. Play a game - virtually

Kheper Games WTF Card Game

Did you know that here at Stag Shop, we also offer a variety of fun games!? Not just for the bedroom either, many of these party games get you drinking, revealing things about yourself, and/or using that dirty mind of yours.

Thanks to modern technology, games are an easy activity to do virtually as well as in person. Are you with a partner physically this year? Check out these different kissing games to play together!

Whether you’re looking to play with a partner or some friends this Valentine’s Day - it’s game on.

4. Give your partner a Nuru massage

Nuru Play Signature Massage Gel

A Nuru massage is a specific type of erotic massage that is done by performing a full body massage on someone who is completely naked with your own naked body. All oiled up, their body becomes the ultimate slip and slide playground - use your butt, breasts, thighs, back, and more.

Make it kinkier by restraining them with a bed restraint system first to keep them in place for the massage! For more information on the Nuru massage, read our blog post here.

5. Upgrade any solo session into an “experience”

Liberator Fascinator Throw Blanket Assorted Colours

For many of us, masturbation is often a means to an end - a quickie with yourself to get off asap. While there’s nothing wrong with that, take more time for yourself (literally) this Valentine’s Day by setting up more of an experience for yourself.

Just as you might do with a partner, set the mood for yourself too because you’re just as important! Indulge in some of the masturbation essentials like lube as well as some personal preferences such as a go-to sex blanket, music, candles, your favourite toy, lingerie, etc.

6. Try a new toy

Cal Exotics Nipple Play Rechargeable Nipplettes Black

Looking for some new excitement with yourself or a partner? Try a new type of toy! Many are designed to be used for certain activities or on certain parts of the body such as clitoral stimulation, prostate massage, and nipple toys.

Experience new sensations together with a new couple’s toy which can either stimulate you both simultaneously, offer new ways to play together, or bring you closer together physically!

7. Role-play

Coquette 2605 Cop Teddy Blue OS

Indulge in a classic outfit like the maid or the nurse, or, add a little spice and create new roles based on any personal fantasies!

8. Explore different sex positions

Liberator BonBon Toy Sex Mount

Take some time this Valentine’s Day to explore some new and different positions - whether for your solo or partnered sex. Liberators and other positional aids can provide; better access to different parts of the body, more comfort, and different angles.

Have you heard of the 69? This unique partnered position allows you to both perform oral sex on each other - simultaneously!

9. Dress up...or down!

Coquette 3870 Embroidered Gown Black/Red

Whether that’s dressing up in formal wear (we get it, we miss our clothes too) or dressing down into some lingerie, we’re here for it! Make it kinky with leather wear items, body harnesses, bodystockings, and more.

If you prefer to dress up for Valentine’s Day, you can still add some sexiness underneath for later with the following:

You can absolutely still wear lingerie just at home - in fact, we encourage it!

10. Treat yourself to something yummy

Rock Candy Toys Popping Rock Candy Assorted Flavours

Indulge in all of the V-day sweets with some delicious flavours including chocolate, salted caramel, fresh strawberries, and more. Whether to enhance the experience or simply for some sweet-tasting fun; edible products provide you with a new kind of oral treat!


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