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10 Ways to Personalize Your Sex Doll

Have you recently purchased a doll or do you have a long-time artificial lover?! Here are 10 ways you can personalize one for your fantasies and desires!
November 3, 2022

Owning a sex doll can be an exciting and new experience as they are quite a unique type of sex toy! You can help prevent the novelty from wearing off by spicing up your playtime, and more importantly, personalizing your doll to your liking.

Lingerie, wigs, and other accessories may seem like simple additions, but experimenting with them allows you to switch things up; keeping you interested sexually and getting you more bang for your buck in the longterm!

1. Wigs

xr kendall

Many dolls will come with attached hair or a wig (some like the one pictured above even include more than one!), however, consider getting some alternative wig styles and colours that could help you to create different characters, life stages of your doll, or perhaps for role-playing with your doll.

2. Nails

flesh of shots lina-j

Once again, doll faces and nails often come pre-painted. However, you can paint the included fingernails differently or even apply press-ons to switch up the look!

3. Clothes & Lingerie

xr jesse jane

If you know your doll's measurements (we include them on all of our product pages!), dress them in clothes and lingerie. Go for styles that you know you enjoy and change up their outfits as often as you’d prefer.

4. Scent

smelling gif

Spray your companion with a particular scent you enjoy and that turns you on. This can also help to get rid of any “toy smell” that might take away from the realism. Don’t forget about spraying their clothes, lingerie, and/or wig too!

5. Name

xr kenny

Give your doll a name and use pronouns of your choice to give them more of a human component, making them appear more alive and realistic. Although they may already come with a name, feel free to change it to anything you’d like!

6. A background story

xr athletic alicia

Regardless of whether you actually write one out by hand or digitally, a background story can help the character of your sex doll to come to life. Consider details such as age, birthday, occupation, education, family and friends, as well as hobbies.

7. Give your relationship a story too

flesh of shots katja

Are you in a long-term relationship? Casually dating? Just friends with benefits? You can even go into more detail by writing different stories about them and your experiences together.

Did you take a vacation? Go on a road trip? Did you have a first date? Once you come up with more background information for your doll, the easier you will find it to get into and stay in character or role-play with different scenarios.

8. Pictures

couple taking pictures in bed gif

Take pictures (selfies count too!) of you together or of them that you can use for their background story or to document special moments together.

9. Engage in your favorite types of sexual activities with them

pdx ult fantasy doll carmen

One of the best things about having a love doll is that you can do whatever you’d like with them. If you’ve always wanted to try anal penetrative sex but don’t have the consent of a partner, try it with your doll! The same goes for trying out new moves, practicing kink options, exploring fetishes, and simply doing whatever brings you the most pleasure.

10. Consider storage options

pdx ult fantasy doll kitty-1pdx ult fantasy doll kitty

If you live alone or are comfortable leaving your love doll out, consider setting them up in a way that seems more realistic. They could be sitting on the couch with you watching TV, at a desk doing some work, or at the kitchen table awaiting your next meal together.

However you choose to play with your doll, personalizing them to your preferences will only enhance your already novel experience. If you keep your options open and get creative with your ideas, you can keep the fun going together for a long time!


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