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FAQ's #10: Waterproof Toys

We want you to be having all sorts of wet & wild fun, so here are the answers to some of YOUR most frequently asked questions about waterproof toys!
November 11, 2022

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1. How do I know if my toy is waterproof?

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There are a few things that can tell you if your toy is waterproof or not!

  • To an extent, ALL toys can get some amount of water on them so that they can be cleaned properly

  • Most non-vibrating toys (such as rings, strokers, or dildos) are waterproof due to there being no motor in the toy…this doesn’t include BDSM items though since they are made of softer, fabric materials.

  • If your toy vibrates, it may not be fully waterproof. If it takes batteries, look for a silicone seal when you open the battery compartment - this means it is waterproof as the seal helps keep out the water. If it is rechargeable, check the packaging, manual, or our website to see if it states that it is waterproof before you go getting it wet!

Pro Tip: If your vibrating toy has any attached wires or remote controls, it’s automatically water resistant (more on that below!)

2. What does waterproof actually mean?

Cal Exotics Hype Flexi-Wand

Most toys that are advertised as waterproof means that they have been given the “IPX7 rating”. This means that it can be submerged in up to one meter of water for thirty minutes.

3. What’s the difference between splashproof, water resistant, and waterproof?

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Often used interchangeably, these terms actually mean different things! Splashproof and water resistant are basically the same; meaning it can get wet to an extent, but you should avoid submerging it into any water; think shower, not bath!

To be fully waterproof, this often means that the toy is submersible/submergible, providing you with the most underwater type of fun!

4. If my toy is waterproof, does that mean it can go in ANY water?

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Not necessarily…unfortunately things like chlorine, salt, sand, and dirt can all degrade your toy or could cause it to stop functioning altogether (we all know sand infamously gets everywhere). In some bodies of water - like a pool or a lake - bacteria could also possibly get into any open parts of a toy.

5. How do I clean my items that aren’t waterproof or can’t get that wet?

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If your sex toy should avoid water (including impact toys and strap-on harnesses), you probably won’t be able to wash it the regular way under running water. Instead, you can use a damp lint-free cloth and some toy cleaner to gently clean and wipe down the items you don't want to get too wet!


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