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5 MORE Prostate Toys to Know for Movember

Since prostate cancer is one of Movember’s main focuses, here are some of our favourite prostate toys that folks with one should get to know!
Emily Zawadzki
November 1, 2022

If you haven’t heard of it before, Movember is a fundraising campaign dedicated to raising awareness about and improving men’s health. The fun of Movember is all about growing a sweet mustache while having friends and family donate to support the research! The Movember Foundation funds numerous projects, but prostate cancer is one of their main focuses.

In honour of this, last year we highlighted 5 specific prostate toys that folks with one should get to know and we’re doing it again this year with 5 MORE of them!

If you’re not too sure what prostate toys are all about, check out our previous blog post for more information.

1. Aneros Progasm

Online Price: $94.99

Looking a little like the sleek black sports car you dream about, the sleek curves of this prostate massager are more than just an eye-pleasing design. Each ridge and bulb is poised to deliver stimulation to your P-spot - and beyond.

The Progasm Ice has a number of extraordinary orgasmic features. Firstly, the round, ball-shaped 'P-tab' gives a sensational perineum massage that complements your experience and intensifies your pleasure. Secondly, there is an amazing second tab, known as the Kundalini tab or 'K-Tab'. This tab puts pressure on a known acupressure point located right below the sacrum or tailbone. The pressure from this new tab provides extra sensations up and down the spine in addition to the whole Aneros experience.

The Progasm's thick, contoured head and angled stem provides significant direct contact on the prostate for amazing hands-free release.

2. Icicles #84

Online Price: $136.99

This multi-function vibrating glass p-spot plug features a curved tip for precise pleasure, and a flared base for easy retrieval. The included wireless remote puts the control at your fingertips—or even better, in the hands of your partner! Cycle through 10 unique vibration patterns for truly intense, sheet-clutching orgasms!

A powerful, removable silicone suction cup base holds Icicle No. 84 to reach those perfect spots. With its powerful silicone suction-cup base holding the plug securely in place, you'll get thrilling stimulation right where you want it. Stick it to the floor, wall, bedpost, or almost any flat surface—you'll be amazed how it stays put during every passionate thrust! Plus, the vibrator is waterproof, so turn bath time into play time!

3. Zero Tolerance The One-Two Punch

Online Price: $169.99

For pinpointed stimulation delivered directly to the prostate, look no further than this One-Two punch! At the tip, it has not one but TWO tapping motors on either side with 6 speeds & patterns for a thunderous dual sensation! In addition to the terrific tapping, it also vibrates with 6 different speeds and patterns.

Play more comfortably solo with the included wireless remote control or hand it off to someone else for partnered fun!

4. Zero Tolerance Tunnel Teaser

Online Price: $172.99

Round and round these rimming beads go - right around the anal opening! That’s not all this prostate plug provides though, it also vibrates as both sensations work in tandem to drive you over the edge with pleasure!

You can take your play in the water as it’s fully waterproof and like many of the toys on this list so far, includes a wireless remote control.

5. XR Brands Rimstatic

Online Price: $140.99

Not only does this prostate toy provide you with similar rotating, rimming beads as the previous one, but it takes the pleasure to the next level with a gyrating shaft. Its dramatic curves and bold ridges gyrate against the prostate in a way that is comparable to prostate milking; gentle stroking of the prostate until fluid is released.

At the base of the plug, a ribbed perineum stimulator will buzz powerfully, allowing you to indulge your body in internal and external stimulation. Use the wireless remote control to play with 3 levels and 7 patterns of vibration, and 3 speeds of rotation and gyration!