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Rock the Role Part 4: Medical

Whether it’s just for a costume or some role-playing too, let us help you to rock that medical role with Stag Shop’s selection!
Emily Zawadzki
October 27, 2022

Happy Halloween 2022!

Now is the perfect time of year to get the most use out of those costumes - in and out of the bedroom. Pretending to be someone else is one of the key components of role-playing, and what better way to dive into some of those creative fantasies?!

We’ve taken a few of the classic costume ideas and given them a modern twist; all done with items we carry here at Stag Shop!

In part one we got hot for teacher, in part two we got down on all fours, and in part three we ventured into the Upside Down.

Today we’re playing doctor!😉

1. The Outfit

Fantasy Lingerie Curve Bedside Nurse Costume Set & Fist It Short Latex Gloves

Are you playing as the doctor, nurse, or patient? Get into character with one of our themed costumes or accessories like the Fist It latex gloves pictured above.

2. At the Doctor’s Office

Shots Toys Multiposition Love Chair & XR Brands Collins Speculum

Set the scene with some items that can be spotted around most doctor’s offices - chairs with stirrups, speculums, and more!

3. The Check-Up

Pump Worx Beginner's Power Penis Pump Clear & Cal Exotics She-ology Advanced 3-Piece Vaginal Dilator Set

Before your appointment begins, the nurse or doctor may need to “check up on your health” with one of the following ideas:

4. Medical Treatment

Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit Electro-Sex Kit

What has the doctor prescribed today? Electroshock therapy? Perhaps an internal massage of the prostate or G-spot?