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5 Myths About Lube

Have you ever heard something about lubricants that made you question your slippery sidekick? We're here to come to the rescue with some lube myth-busting

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Have you ever heard something about lubricants that made you question your slippery sidekick? We definitely have! So today we thought we’d come to the rescue with some lube myth-busting!

Myth #1. “You only need it if there is something “wrong” with you"

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Some people think that lube should only be used by certain types of people, specifically older women - but all sorts of folks use lubricant and not only can it make things more comfortable, but it can also actually help to make things feel better.

Myth #2. “Lube isn't compatible with condoms”

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Luckily, it's really only oil-based lubes you have to worry about as they're the only lubricant type that is NOT compatible with condoms and other latex barriers like dental dams and gloves.

Myth #3. “I can just use spit or ___”

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It seems as though everyone has some sort of slippery alternative they swear by that isn’t lube - vaseline, oils, spit. Unfortunately though, not everything that is wet or seems like lube can go inside of the body and besides, spit absorbs too quickly to actually make a good long-lasting lube anyway.

Myth #4. "I can't use lube in the shower”

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Just because water easily washes away any natural lubrication as well as water-based lubricants, that doesn’t mean you can’t use lube in the shower or around any other wet & wild play areas. Luckily, silicone lubes are waterproof and can be used in the shower, just be sure to play safe as silicone makes tile extra slippery!

Myth #5. "All lubes are suitable for all people"

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Unfortunately not all lubes will work for you and your body - that’s why there are SO many different ones out there! It’s best to check out the ingredients and trial and error different lubes - drop by drop - until you find the best one for you. The same goes with any allergies or skin sensitivities, if you find that you have had a reaction to one, it’s typically one specific ingredient used that you’re reacting to, which you can then hopefully narrow down to try to avoid in the future.


Do you have any more questions about lube? We’re happy to answer them in the comments below!


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