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Toys For Chests & Breasts

Breasts, chests, nipples - stimulate all of the above with these products!

Regardless of gender, the nipples and chest are pleasurable parts of the body for many. Known as an erogenous zone, the nipples contain lots of feel-good nerve endings - making them more sensitive to touch, pressure, etc. Each nipple is unique, however, meaning what might feel great for one, doesn’t for another - even on the same person!

While not everyone loves or finds pleasure in direct nipple stimulation, the rest of the chest and/or breasts can provide pleasure for folks too!

*An important note is that nipple & chest sensitivity can change depending on things like hormones, stress levels, temperature, pregnancy, etc.*

So whether you want to play with the breasts, chests, and/or nipples - stimulate all of the above with these products!

Nipple Clamps & Suckers

Cal Exotics Nipple Grips 4-Point Weighted Nipple Press & Shots Toys Pumped Nipple Suction Set

Specifically for nipple arousal & stimulation, a sucker creates a seal around the nipple to draw blood to it, resulting in an engorged and more sensitive nipple while clamps are designed to pinch the nipple until they are released.

Most nipple toys are adjustable and some have rubber tips for added comfort while others have weights attached for an extra pull, some even vibrate!

Arousal Oil/Balm

Stag Shop Bit Balm Tingling Arousal Balm

An arousal/stimulant adds extra sensation to your hot spots, warming them up (sometimes literally) for what’s to come! Many work by increasing the blood flow to the nipples and areola, making them even more sensitive. Some can provide added sensations like tingling, warming, cooling, and more.

Feather Tickler or Pinwheel


Ouch by Shots Toys Crop with Feather Red & XR Brands Master Series Prick 9-Row Spiked Pinwheel

For folks with more sensitive chests, clamps may not be the best method for stimulation. Instead, a feather tickler or a pinwheel provides a lighter sensation to the nipples and larger chest area while still adding a BDSM element to your play.

Pro tip: if you were actually preferring a more painful sensation, instead consider a crop (like the dual-ended one shown above) that can be used to slap around the chest & nipples a little!

A Vibrator

Doc Johnson TRYST v2 Bendable Massager & Remote Teal

Vibration can feel good all over the body, including the chest & nipples! As mentioned earlier, they can sometimes come attached to a nipple clamp or other nipple toy. However, you can also simply use and hold a “regular” vibrator up to the chest area too!

For more pinpoint and targeted stimulation (great for the nipples!), try a bullet vibe. If you were looking for more widespread vibrations, a wand can cover more surface area - such as the entire areola!

Massage Oil

Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil 30ml Foil Packet Assorted

Do you or your partner prefer to have their full chest stimulated rather than just the nipples?

Indulge in a slippery and sensual chest massage! With a massage oil, massage the breasts, pectorals, and/or the nipples (if consented to!) as gently or as forcefully as requested.


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