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The Benefits of Buying Sex Toys Online

The sex toy industry noticed a spike in online sales since the COVID-19 pandemic. If you haven’t yet realized the benefits of buying sex toys online, keep reading!
Emily Zawadzki
February 24, 2022

The sex toy industry (including us here at Stag Shop) noticed a huge spike in online sales since the COVID-19 pandemic began...and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon. If you haven’t yet realized all of the benefits of buying your sex toys online, keep reading!

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Both brick-and-mortar retail stores and online stores have their pros and cons when it comes to sex toy shopping. Although you may prefer to go in-store to see everything in-person, there is no denying that this specific way of shopping has changed immensely thanks to COVID-19.

For many of us, buying online is now the new normal; here’s why that might be better for your sex toy shopping experience as well!

A Bigger Selection

Online stores often carry a wider selection of toys compared to brick-and-mortars who only have so much merchandising space to work with. Many online retailers also operate within a bigger warehouse and are able to hold much more product - giving you more options to choose from!


Although they should be, not all physical stores are accessible to everyone. Whether for people with disabilities or in areas where adult stores simply don’t exist, online shopping still provides the people with the pleasure products they deserve!

Help is still there

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One benefit of shopping in-store is that there is usually well-educated and trained staff who can assist you in your shopping experience by answering your questions, recommending items, and providing you with additional information.

The same can often be found when shopping online too! If you should need it, there is typically help available through a customer service phone/email or perhaps a chat service (like ours - pictured above - that can be found in the bottom right corner!)

Toy Specifications

When browsing online, the product specifications are typically laid right out for you instead of having to guess in-store. Unfortunately, not all packaging contains this information and even seeing toys in person doesn’t always provide the accuracy of this important info.


You can read reviews before you buy to help your decision on purchasing certain products or not. However, just remember that sex toys tend to be a bit more of a personal preference which can be determined by soooo many different things. Just because one person on the internet likes/dislikes something, it doesn’t mean that it will or won’t work for YOU.

Whenever, Wherever!

Finally, you have the freedom to shop online whenever and wherever you’d like - whether it’s from the comfort of your own bed or during an Uber ride! Especially with items like sex toys, the ability to be able to shop privately can be just what some people need to actually go ahead and purchase them in the first place.

Online shopping also doesn’t have any daily or hourly restrictions like the brick-and-mortar stores do - you can shop early in the morning or in the middle of the night if that’s what works for you!

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