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Anal August Series: Butt Plugs

Welcome to #AnalAugust 2020 - today we move onto part two...with butt plugs!
August 12, 2020

What The Plug!?

NS Novelties Renegade Spade Butt Plug Assorted Sizes

Butt plugs are probably one of the most popular toys for anal play. Since they can come in a range of styles, different plugs can provide different sensations for your booty. At its most basic form, a butt plug can be inserted and left inside the anus for a period of time. It often provides the wearer with a hands-free feeling of stretching, pressure, and/or fullness that can be enjoyed during foreplay, sex, or simply the chores around the house!

There are also plugs that are designed to specifically target and stimulate the prostate - but more on those later in the series!

Butt Plug Basics

Pipedream Icicles No. 26 Tapered Glass Butt Plug

The most common “starter” or “basic” plugs feature a tapered shape for smooth & comfortable insertion as well as a smaller to medium size width. Any and all anal toys should always have a flared base to act as a safety stopper. Although this is a very popular design, plugs can come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, etc. that each provide slight differences in how they will feel.

Doc Johnson TitanMen The Hitch Butt Plug Assorted Sizes

Plugs that feature a bulbous, rounder shaft as opposed to a tapered one will take more warming up of the anus and lubricant to insert it because of its larger shape. Those that like the stretching & fullness feeling that anal can bring can work themselves up to a more bulbous plug for more intense stimulation.

Adam & Eve Bumpy Delight Plug

A beaded plug or one that features multiple swells instead of one smooth shaft often are trying to mimic the feeling of anal beads. Since the area surrounding the anal opening is jam-packed with nerve endings, it can be a pleasurable thrill as each bead passes in or out.

Pipedream Icicles No. 91 Suction-Cup Glass Butt Plug

Silicone is a very popular material used for plugs as it’s smooth, hypoallergenic, and generally non-porous so bacteria can’t get trapped. Glass is also a great material for butt plugs as it can retain temperature (allowing you to heat it up or cool it down), can be heavier, and is one of the easiest materials to clean. The Firefly line by NS Novelties even features a glow-in-the-dark design with their plugs!

ONYXXX Tushe Silicone Anal Trainer Kit

Sizing of plugs is an important thing to pay attention to as it quite literally tells you how much is going to be inserted inside of you. “Insertable length” and “width” especially are important dimensions for plugs. Beginners should look around widths around 1.25 inches or smaller, intermediate around 1.25-2 inches and anal play aficionados can look for widths 2 inches or more. Ultimately, you know your body best and it’s always a better idea to start small and work your way up than to start off with something too big/uncomfortable.

b-Vibe Novice Vibrating Butt Plug Fuchsia

Some butt plugs offer vibration for even more pleasure and stimulation. Vibration can not only help to relax the anal muscles, but it can help you to focus on the pleasurable sensation that vibration tends to bring. If you find the vibration to be too overwhelming at first, you can simply enjoy the plug as it is and turn the vibrations on a later time when you’re feeling ready.

Lovense Hush Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug

To turn a butt plug into a couples toy, look for one that comes with a wireless remote control (some are even controlled through an app!) so that someone else can control the vibration settings instead.

Plug Potential

So now that we’ve covered the basics, did you know there are even MORE things you can get from your plug pleasure? These special features can take your next plug play experience to a whole other level.

b-Vibe Snug Plug 2 Weighted Butt Plug

Weighted plugs are exactly as they sound - a butt plug with additional weight either built into the material or as an extra piece inside of it. These often require more anal muscle strength to hold inside and can provide more intense pressure against the anal walls when inserted.

Cal Exotics Power Gem Vibrating Crystal Probe & NS Novelties Moji's #BTY Butt Plug

To add a personal touch to your booty, look for a plug with a cute/fun design built into the base. Things like a jewel or gem, a saying, or even these Emoji plugs can add a playful element to your anal encounter and give your partner a fun view when inserted!

NS Novelties BunnyTails Mini Tail Plug

For those who like to role play or are involved in pet play, a butt plug with a tail coming out of the base can provide the aesthetic of your favourite fantasies and help you to get into your role. Plug tails can be seen in a wide variety of colours, materials, and not to mention tails of animals! Some of the ones we carry here at Stag Shop include a bunny, fox, unicorn, pig, pony, and more!

Cal Exotics Colt XXXL Pumper Plug w/ Detachable Hose & Pipedream Anal Fantasy Elite Glass Gaper Tunnel Plug

Any fullness queens out there? Some butt plugs can actually expand and/or inflate inside of you while they are inserted! Be sure to go slow with these ones and use even more lubricant as you need to accommodate for more once it is inside. In addition, tunnel plugs offer a hole through the base for aesthetics (“gaping”), for fluids to be transferred through, as well as for penetration.


b-Vibe Rimming 2 Butt Plug Teal

If you enjoy the sensation of rimming/analingus (oral sex performed on the anus), some plugs feature that technology built right into the base! This means that while it is inserted, the anal opening will receive an intimate massage, mimicking the feeling of the tongue.

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