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MORE Unique Butt Plugs!

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Not for the average backdoor beginner, here’s what you should know before buying some BIG anal toys.

Butt Plugs vs Prostate Massagers

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3 Tips For Buying Your First Butt Toy

Here are 3 things you should think about before buying your first anal toy!

Last Month on YouTube...Happy New Year!

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10 Ways to Play Kinky in Public

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Unique Butt Plugs!

While many plugs seem to look alike, there are others that are quite unique in both design and function.

Beginner Anal Toys

It’s one of the juiciest months of the year...that’s right we’re talking about Anal August!

Happy Pride With Fun Factory!

Stag Shop & Fun Factory are here to wish you another happy Pride Month!

Advanced Anal Toys

Calling all advanced anal players! Looking for something a little more ful-FILL-ing?

Anal August Series: Butt Plugs

Welcome to #AnalAugust 2020 - today we move onto part two...with butt plugs!

Self-Love Series: Best Masturbation Toys For Her

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