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Celebrate Masturbation Month All Month Long!

Masturbation is the solo act of stimulating one’s genitals for sexual pleasure. Most often done with your own hand(s), there are lots of toys on the market that can help too!
Emily Zawadzki
May 10, 2018

Masturbation is the solo act of stimulating one’s genitals for sexual pleasure. Most often done with your own hand(s), there are lots of toys on the market that can help too! There is no right or wrong way to masturbate, and even though many of us share similar genital makeups, there is no universal stimulation that will work for everyone!

Just because masturbation is often a solo act, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone - or even manually. Mutual masturbation counts too and is generally one of the lowest risk sexual activities to engage in!

Masturbation not only feels great, but it’s good for you in so many other ways too! Here are some of the many benefits of masturbation for anyone and everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation!

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In General:

  • Masturbation brings self-awareness on a bunch of levels. Firstly, you get to explore your own body and get to know what you like and don't like sexually, physically, etc.; which will definitely help when with a partner. Secondly, getting down with your bad self can help to improve your body image; learning about your body and exploring it regularly can help you to appreciate it more. This means masturbation can even improve your self-esteem!

  • Masturbation is one of the lowest-risk sexual activities you can engage in – be it alone or through mutual masturbation with a partner. There is NO risk of STI contraction or pregnancy.

  • It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a partner, or your partner doesn’t want to have sex. Be your own # 1 fan!

  • Sleep & feel your best. Orgasms & sexual activity release “feel good” hormones into the body including serotonin, oxytocin, cortisol, prolactin, and endorphins. The prolactin released can have a sedative effect, allowing some people to sleep better.

  • It can help to increase your ability to have orgasms. Practice makes perfect!

  • It can help your immune system. While there isn't enough research to say for sure, some have shown that orgasms may even benefit the immune system.

In Bodies with a Vulva:

  • Masturbation can relieve menstrual cramps. During orgasm, the dopamine and serotonin hormones that are released act as natural painkillers. The ultimate release!

  • Masturbation helps flush out bad bacteria in your pelvic area. While masturbating, the vaginal muscles will stretch, releasing a vaginal mucus. This allows for fluid circulation, which helps to push out any bacteria that decides to linger.

  • Reduce Blood Pressure. Research has shown that orgasms can reduce blood pressure in women/vulva havers.

In Bodies with a Penis:

  • “Practicing” can help with premature ejaculation. By training on your own to last longer and experimenting with some self-love, it will allow you to push yourself even further with a partner.

  • It can improve sperm quality and production. Sperm that sits for too long in the testicles can actually develop abnormalities. So it’s a good thing to refresh and replenish newer sperm with the help of regular ejaculation.

  • Reduces risk of prostate cancer. Research has shown that there is an association between males/penis havers who ejaculate more frequently and a reduced risk of prostate cancer.


Happy celebrating all month long!

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