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Different Types of Condoms

You most likely have heard about condoms, and you probably have even used a few before. But, did you know about the full variety of condoms!?
Emily Zawadzki
February 17, 2022

You most likely have heard about condoms, and you probably have even used a few before. But, did you know about the full variety of condoms!? With choices of flavoured, lubricated, textured, and more - better understand the different types of condoms!

Condoms, as well as dental dams, are sexual health tools used to create a barrier between the skin, blocking fluids from passing from one body to another. Folks choose to use condoms to yes, avoid pregnancy and STI transmission, but for a variety of other reasons too such as; menstruation, to avoid facial hair irritability, and more.

External condoms are typically shaped like a long tunnel to comfortably yet snugly fit over the length of the penis, while internal condoms are designed to be worn inside of the vagina, all the way to the cervix. They both work to do the same thing, just in different formats and on different parts of the body!

Dental dams are a thin piece of material (often latex, sometimes flavoured) that can be draped over the vulva, vaginal opening, or anus. They are typically used more for oral sex rather than penetration and you can easily make one out of a condom by cutting off the tip and cutting up the side so that it opens up to a flat piece!

But as for the classic external condom that most folks are most familiar with, you have options!


SKYN Original Lubricated Condoms 24-pack

Latex is the most common material that condoms are made out of. It is compatible with all lubricant types except for oil-based as oil breaks the latex down. For those who have allergies and/or sensitivities though, non-latex condoms (and dams!) are also available. Polyurethane and synthetic polyisoprene are two commonly known alternatives to latex.


ONE Pleasure Plus Ultra Premium Lubricated Latex Condom

Although it’s still optional and beneficial to add your own lube too, some condoms offer lubrication on the outside. Since water-based lube is often considered a more universal type of formula for many folks, it is most commonly used in lubricated condoms. Some condoms do use silicone-based lubes though (like the ones pictured above), so just be sure to pay attention to the fine print!

Shape & Design

One Condoms Pleasure Plus 12-pk

Most condoms feature the same straight tunnel shape with the reservoir tip to contain ejaculate fluid, however different brands may offer different designs.

Lelo Hex Respect XL Condoms 3-Pack

For example, the Hex condoms by Lelo feature a structurally different design that integrates a hexagonal web through the latex. The 350 ultra-thin hexagonal panels make it look and perform differently from any other condom.


Kimono MicroThin Large Condom 12-Pack

Sizing of condoms is important to pay attention to because if it’s too tight, it can break and/or cause too much constriction to the penis. But if it’s too big, fluids can pass through and/or it can fall off altogether. Most condoms are typically the same size with the exception of larger ones for bigger penises.



Durex Tropical Flavours & Colours 12-Pack

Flavoured condoms were designed for oral sex as they can provide a yummy taste for the giver! Depending on what is used to flavour them though (mainly sugar-based ingredients like glycerin which can disrupt the natural pH balance of the vagina) most flavoured condoms shouldn’t be used for penetration.

“Ribbed” & “Dotted”

Kimono MicroThin Ribbed Plus Sensi-Dots 12-Pack

These are really just fancy ways of saying “hella textured”. The different designs - including ribs and dots - provide sensations for the receiving partner as it thrusts in and out of the anus or vagina.


One Condoms Glowing Pleasure Glow in the Dark Latex Condom

For those who like to play in the dark, these special One condoms provide 30 minutes of glowing fun. Simply expose one to light for 30 seconds and it will be ready to light your way!