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So You Think You Know Condoms?

Between health class, parents, and your own experiences, you probably have learned some things about them...but how well do you really know condoms?
February 19, 2020

Condoms are a popular tool used for safe sex as they act as a barrier from bacteria, sperm, and other fluids passing from one body to another. From the time you get one in your possession until you are completely done with it, there is a lot to know about condoms! Things like storage, size, and how to use one properly are all crucial steps in ensuring your condom won’t fail you when you are relying on it most.

Before You Even Open It…

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Did you get the right size?

This isn’t really a great time for ego to get in the way…according to a 2013 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine actually only 2% of the American male population should be using XL condoms. So please, read the sizing guides and buy accordingly. 

Here are some things that can happen if a condom doesn’t fit properly:

  • It can fall right off, whether inside or outside of a partner
  • Sperm and other fluids can leak out, increasing the chances of STI transmission and/or pregnancy
  • If too tight, the friction can break the condom

Where have you been keeping them?

Storage is a lot more important than you think when it comes to condoms. They need to be kept in a cool, dry place, and away from heat!

  • Places you SHOULD keep condoms: a bag, front pockets, hoodie pockets, a drawer.

  • Places you SHOULDN’T keep condoms: your car, back pockets, wallet, freezer, the bathroom.

Things like steam, temperature change, and pressure can all affect the wear of your condom. So play it safe and get rid of that condom you’ve had in your wallet for years now.

Time To Use One!

unrolled condom

Check the Expiry Date!!

For obvious reasons, just check the date.

Puff Puff...did it pass the test?

A “Puff Test” involves carefully squishing the condom between your fingers to make sure there is STILL air inside. If you can’t feel the little air bubble inside, don’t use it! All condoms come with an air bubble inside for preservation. If the air is no longer there, this means there could have been a potential puncture in the packaging...and if that is the case, the condom could have also been punctured, rendering it useless.

Properly Putting on a Condom

a condom on a banana

Lets bring it back to the basics here, regardless of what you were told previously….there IS a right way to put on a condom from start to finish!

  1. Check the expiry and puff again...just to be safe!

  2. Open the package in a way that won’t cause any damage to the condom itself. (maybe avoid the teeth?)
    It’s not a race, take your time!

  3. When you take the condom out, figure out which way it rolls.
    “What if I start rolling it on the wrong way?” You need to throw it out and start again because pre-cum (that contains sperm too) could have gotten inside the condom which then would become the outside. It can be a good idea to carry more than one condom as “back-ups” just in case something goes wrong with the first one.

  4. OPTIONAL - Put a drop of lube inside the condom.
    This helps to put the condom on, especially for uncircumcised penises. This also allows for more friction and feeling for the person wearing the condom. Don’t add TOO much lube though, or it can cause the condom to fall off.

  5. Pinch the tip of the condom.
    It’s important to leave some room in the tip for air and for ejaculate.

    DID YOU KNOW? The typical ejaculation occurs at around 45 km/h! If the condom is on too tight, the force can shoot right through the condom.

  6. Place the condom on the head of the penis.
    Roll the condom down - all the way down - to the base of the penis. If everything seems secure and comfortable, go have fun!

  7. When done penetrating, hold onto the rim of the condom while pulling out.
    If the penis is already or becoming flaccid, the condom could fall off, be left behind, and/or full of ejaculate.

  8. Take off the condom away from your partner to avoid any dripping on/in the body.
    (Unless already consented to, you are fluid bonded, trying to get pregnant, etc.)

  9. Tie the end of the condom.
    Why? Simply, respect. Contain your mess so no one else has to come into contact with it.

  10. Throw the condom in the GARBAGE.
    Not the toilet...because they float and will come back up after you flush...awkward!


And this should go without saying, but NEVER use a condom more than once!

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