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"Dirty" Dancing Lingerie Looks

Let’s step ball change into some “dirty” dancer-inspired lingerie looks!
August 19, 2021

You know how we’re all about taking lingerie outside of the bedroom here at Stag Shop too as it can allow you to have fun with new & different trendy looks. This time around, let’s step ball change into some “dirty” dancer-inspired lingerie looks!


Coquette 20416 Fringe Harness Top and Skirt Set & Coquette 7070 Corset & Coquette 7248 Chain Garter Belt

Often boasting eye-catching features such as fringe, ruffles, tassels, ties, and chains, these outfits are about keeping all eyes on you. Try adding other fun accessories too such as nipple pasties, a whip or a wig!


Coquette 7229 Chemise & Coquette 3870X Embroidered Gown & Coquette 3887 Matte Wetlook Dress

Serving up seduction, black and red colours typically represent the romantic and passionate theme that a lot of ballroom dance (like tango and salsa) encompasses. A form-fitting chemise or dress can be sexy and still functional for all of the quick moves.

Tap Dance

Coquette 7259 Criss Cross Stockings & Coquette 7258 Footless Pantyhose & Coquette 21230 Booty Shorts

Tap dance requires a lot of fancy footwork, so bring the attention to the lower half of the body instead with statement or patterned tights and booty shorts! Not forgetting entirely about the top half though, try mixing and matching with crop tops, t-shirts, teddies, and more.


Coquette 20313 Tulle Cage Dress & Coquette 20401 High Cut Teddy & Coquette 2558 Bodystocking

Black Swan anyone?! Bodysuits, teddies, and other skin-tight pieces are true to the minimalistic, clean ballet aesthetic. Put them together with tights, tulle and tutus too, of course!


Coquette 21126 Crotchless Lace Teddy & Coquette D9245 Pants & Coquette 7234 Crop Top & Coquette D9343 Pants

Wetlook lingerie is the perfect way to go for a modern or “out at the club” type of look. It looks like a rigid pleather material but is often stretchy and comfortable for longterm wear. Try styling a form-fitting top like a teddy under high-waisted bottoms or go with a casual crop top and pants pairing.


Coquette 7184 Skirt & Coquette 20210 Lace Chaps & Coquette 1894 Pantyhose

Lyrical and interpretive dance is often about conveying a certain emotion, theme, and/or making a statement. Whether you want it to be more melodramatic with flowy fabrics or edgy with cuts and lines, have fun with it!


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