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Unique Butt Plugs!

While many plugs seem to look alike, there are others that are quite unique in both design and function.
Emily Zawadzki
August 17, 2021

1. Weighted Plugs

XR Brands Heavy Hitters Premium Silicone Weighted Anal Plug Medium

A weighted plug features added weight, usually within the shaft/bulb part of the plug. Many brands including the b-vibe snug plugs, XR Brands’ heavy hitters, and the Renegade knock-knock plug feature a free-floating weight (sometimes more than one!) that can add a “vibrating-like” sensation as you move around with it inside of you.

2. Tunnel Plugs

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Elite Glass Gaper Tunnel Plug

Tunnel plugs combine the firm feel you love in a plug with the added accessibility of an open-ended design! This opens up the possibilities for manual stimulation, fluids to pass through, and not to mention an exciting “wide-open” (“ass-gaping”) view.

3. An Emoji Base

NS Novelties Moji's BTY Butt Plug

Let your butt do all the talking with one of these plugs that feature an Emoij base. Some of the popular ones include peaches, eggplants, and others that we are absolutely heart eyes over!

4. Tail Plugs

XR Brands XL Fox Tail Anal Plug

Tail plugs typically consist of a basic butt plug with some sort of tail attached to the end that pokes out between the cheeks when inserted, giving the wearer the appearance of having a tail. They can be found in many different types of tails for you to find the right one for your pet play pleasures including foxes, bunnies, pigs, dogs, cats, ponies, and more!

5. “Rimming” Plugs

b-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug Petite Teal

These types of plugs were designed with technology that mimics the sensation of rimming (aka oral sex & using the tongue on the butthole). For many brands including b-Vibe’s, this is often done with rotating beads in the neck of the plug - stimulating the anal opening while inserted.

6. A Jewelled Base

Cal Exotics Eclipse Power Gem Vibrating Petite Crystal Probe

Add a little bling to your booty with a jewelled base butt plug! They can be found in lots of colours and designs too including 4-leaf clovers, hearts, and more.