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Meet The Eclipse Prostate Massagers

It’s time for you to meet the exciting Eclipse prostate massagers from Cal Exotics.
August 24, 2021

You probably have already heard about - or maybe even used - a prostate massager. They can range from more basic in design to ones with all of the bells and whistles! If you were interested in the latter, it’s time for you to meet the exciting Eclipse prostate massagers from Cal Exotics.

The classic prostate toy design is similar to that of a butt plug but features an angled tip and has more to its base than most plugs do. They are designed to work with the anal muscles, rocking back and forth naturally against the prostate in a hands-free fashion.

Butt...for an even more explosive experience, upgrade your prostate massager to one that provides even more pleasure; such as one from the Eclipse line by Cal Exotics! This unique collection of vibrating butt plugs and prostate massagers goes above and beyond to provide anal stimulation both inside and out of the body.

Many of the massagers feature a wireless remote control for easier solo use or for partnered play with around a 30-foot range (see below which ones)! They are also all rechargeable, waterproof, and feature dual motors; an additional one in each vibrating base for dual stimulation options of the prostate and perineum!


Cal Exotics Eclipse Beaded Probe

Available with or without a wireless remote control, this probe features rows of rotating beads within the stem/neck of the plug that can mimic the sensation or rimming/oral sex on the anal opening.


Cal Exotics Eclipse Thrusting Rotator Probe

In this prostate massager without remote, the shaft part thrusts up and down AND features a rotating head at the tip. This thrusting action may help to reach and stimulate the prostate for even more targeted pleasure.


Cal Exotics Eclipse Wristband Remote Pulsing Probe

Coming complete with a wireless wristband remote control, this probe features a pulsating tip in the shaft that gently “thump, thump, thumps” on the prostate!

Roller Ball

Cal Exotics Eclipse Roller Ball Probe

Roll into ecstasy with this massager that offers a pleasure ball right at the tip of the shaft with 3 varying speeds. Even though this one doesn’t feature a remote control, the roller ball can provide more pinpoint and targeted stimulation to the prostate.


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