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Dress Up For International Fetish Day!

For folks with a fetish and kinky people alike, here are some fun ways to celebrate and dress up for International fetish day on January 21st!
January 20, 2022

There are many different types of fetishes & kinks, with some being more common than others such as panties, stockings, and latex.



Coquette D9348 Chained Panty Coquette 21229 Peek-a-boo G-string

Switch it up by looking for fun panties and shorts that add a little more *spice* like unique details or ones that are even crotchless!

Chest Harnesses

Prowler Premium Leather Chest Harness

Versatile and unisex, wear a chest harness over or under other clothes and other fetish wear items. If possible, attach a leash to it for an extra level of kink!

Masks & Hoods


Coquette 21222 Fetish Mask Coquette D9387 Devil Mask

Whether for a specific theme, play scenario, or just for fun, masks and hoods can provide you with a fresh look for your fantasy!

Darque Lingerie

Coquette D9358 Matte Bustier

The Darque line by lingerie brand Coquette contains pieces that are all shiny, and have a “wetlook” to them that gives off a pleather or a latex kind of vibe!


Pleasure Wigs Candice Wig

Indulge in various colours and lengths of hair with different wigs!

Pet Play Items

XR Brands Master Series Untamed XL Fox Tail Anal Plug

For pet play enthusiasts, there is a variety of mouth gags, costumes, butt plugs and more in a selection of different, adorable animals!

Shoes & Stockings


Lapdance Shoes LS-106 Platform Boot with Corset Detail Pleaser USA Stardust 7-Inch Rhinestones Studded Heel

Dress up your favourite pair of feet with some sexy stockings or shoes.


Coquette 1788 Pantyhose Coquette D1879X Matte Elastic Top Stockings

Some stockings are thigh-high while others go all the way up to the waist, some even the full body!


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