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Types of Panties

Thongs, booty shorts, crotchless, oh my! With so many different types of panties, how could you possibly choose!?

Stag Shop is here to help with a Panty Shopping Guide!

 1. Thongs & G-Strings

Coquette 183 Thong & Coquette 7086 G-String

Boasting a very similar design, thongs & g-strings both show off a full bare booty, and can offer more discreet (if any) panty lines underneath other garments!

The difference between them? Thongs offer just a little more material between the cheeks compared to the thin string-like piece provided by a g-string.

2. Booty Shorts

Coquette 3891X Booty Short

These types of panties cover the booty a bit more but many are often “cheeky” meaning that the bottom of your bottom is meant to peek out underneath...just a little!

3. Bikini 

Coquette 7214 Lace Panty & Coquette 153 Detailed Lace Panty

Resembling your typical bikini bottom style, these provide full coverage of the butt (although some can be cheeky too!) and are typically designed to sit on or just below the hips.

4. High-Waisted

Coquette 4097 High Waisted Thong & Coquette 111 High-Waisted Lace Thong

High-waisted panties can be flattening and smoothing as they offer more fabric at the top, which sits above the hips typically at belly button level. Found in thongs & bikini brief styles mainly, some are tighter on the body (Spanx style) whereas others (especially ones of lace) will provide more stretch.

5. Crotchless

Coquette 191 Crotchless Panty & Coquette 141 Crotchless Panty & Coquette 374 Crotchless Panty

Just as they sound, crotchless panties are similar to your average type of panty...except with the crotch part missing! Not only is it a visually stimulating treat, but they can provide easy access to the genitals for playtime - especially under something open like a skirt or dress! Since basically any type of panty can be crotchless, they can be found in a wide variety of different panty styles.

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6. Cut-Outs & Designs

Coquette 3890 Crotchless Lace-up Panty & Coquette 168 Panty & Coquette 3825 Crotchless Panty

Coquette 3863 Thong & Coquette D9348 Chained Panty & Coquette 172 Panty

Meant to provide visual appeal in fun & cute designs, these specialty panties emphasize the booty in some way to give it the attention it deserves! They can also be found in all kinds of different panty styles from thong to bikini and more!


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