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FAQ's #11: Air Pulse Toys

Since air pulse toys are a bit newer to the scene, it’s understandable that there is some confusion over them so let us help to clear the air!

Since air pulse toys are a bit newer to the scene, it’s understandable that there is some confusion over them so let us help to clear the air!😉

1. Are “air pulse toys” the same as “clitoral suction” toys?

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air™ Men's Masturbator

Yes…and no! While many air pulse toys started out as toys specifically marketed for use on the clitoris (and many still are) this unique sensation and technology can now be found in other toy styles too such as the Arcwave Ion penis stroker (picture above).

Psst…don’t forget that just because it says “clitoral stimulator” on the packaging, doesn’t mean that it can’t be used on other external erogenous zones too!

2.…but can I bring the feeling inside too?

Womanizer OG Dark Grey & Womanizer Duo Raspberry & Womanizer Duo 2 Lilac

You can with the right air pulse toy! Some are now designed for internal vaginal use such as with the Womanizer OG, Duo, and Duo 2 (all pictured above).

3. What does it feel like?

Svakom Air Pulse Union Stimulator Purple

Some folks have compared the sensation to that of oral sex, especially with the addition of some lube to make it extra wet! Since they primarily use air, it can feel almost like gentle blowing (or sucking depending on the brand’s technology) on the area that it’s placed.

Regardless of how you want to describe it though (since everyone is different anyway) all you need to know is that it’s completely different from that of vibration and is ideal for ANY targeted stimulation on specific erogenous zones like the clitoris, nipples, G-spot, taint, testicles, and more!

4. Since there are SO many, what are the differences between them other than where on the body they’re used?

We-Vibe Melt Midnight Blue & Svakom Air Pulse Union Purple & Satisfyer Pro Traveler

We get it, you go to the air pulse toys selection and besides ones that can obviously be used internally and others that are for the penis, the rest of the styles tend to all blur together - so how do you choose!?

Here are some details that can help you to narrow your selection:

  • Some also vibrate
  • There are “travel-friendly” versions with storage cases or covers
  • The amount of settings, levels, or intensities it has
  • Other special features by specific brands such as Womanizer’s Smart Silence or Svakom’s toy (pictured above) that can be connected to their app!

5. How do you clean them?

Womanizer Premium Eco Pink & Womanizer Premium Eco Replacement Head in Varying Sizes

Firstly, it’s important to know if your toy is waterproof or not as this could affect how you go about cleaning your air pulse toy. In some splashproof toys - like the Womanizer Eco pictured above - the head, which is the part of the toy that would actually be coming into contact with the body and its fluids, comes off and can be washed independently of the rest of the toy that isn’t waterproof.

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